Is it possible to overcome writers block in just these simple steps! I have been discussing The Warriors Method™ and how to use it to overcome writers block. In this last article let’s talk about the third step: take new authentic action.

You might be thinking: “Action, really Ann? I take action all the time!”

See, there is a distinct difference between action and being “busy”. And this is key to being able to achieve things that you desire. Action is a discipline that is directed energetically towards achieving what needs to be done. Be carovercomeeful of busy!

Action actually requires courage because you have to be able to put your ego, comfort zone, and routine in danger! True courage is the ability to do something despite what your “blabber brain” says. True courage is the ability to get into the habit of taking action even when you don’t want to. True courage is the ability to do it even when you feel fear.


It allows you to emerge with greater confidence. Too many think you need motivation first. No, it’s the other way around.

So in The Warriors Method™ the step taking “new authentic action” requires that you act with persistence and deliberation. There are three ways I encourage my clients to start:

1. Implement an “action plan” that creates some discomfort.

See pain is good, if not permanent! We get better, stronger, and more confident in our abilities the more uncomfortable we get. This is powerful when you are so stuck in simply cannot get out of it. Do you have a morning routine that is not serving your ability to write more? Than stop having that coffee until you write for 20-30 minutes! Now that’s uncomfortable!

2. Act before doing something you love.

This one powerfully and simply changed one clients blogging forever. She would continuously say: “I have nothing to write about.” Her blabber brain was not allowing her to overcome writers block. She’s a creative who LOVES to paint. So what did she do? Wrote every day BEFORE she could paint. Painting became the reward. Now she writes amazing blog posts for her tribe!

3. Take action before doing any more research!

Many, many entrepreneurs I meet are research junkies. Rightfully so. In many ways you have to love to learn new things to be successful as an entrepreneur.

Too often we think we need to read one more article, or take one more webinar before we initiate the action.

This routine will help you change that. Tell yourself “I cannot read any more about overcoming writers block until I have written something today.”

“The Warriors Method™ is a simple powerful tool to help you achieve greater success in many areas of your life, including when you need to overcome writers block. Interestingly, I used this method to not just write this series of 4 blogs, but my contributor article as well! NICE! (Time for a glass of wine…something I love!

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