Facebook memories are interesting recently. Three memories were about my visibility, three places where I was interviewed or wrote a guest post, or named on a list as one of the best…all three urls no longer active. Shut down.

All from 2010/11. All entrepreneurs. Most were coaches or had membership programs. All women with dreams. This career choice is not an easy one at all. Hopes and dreams gone for those women. Maybe they weren’t visible enough themselves. I can only speculate.

It also reminded me how grateful I am to have lasted so long! I am grateful to know whvisibilityat it takes to be steady in my business versus the roller coaster many find themselves on. I am grateful to those that believe in me. I am grateful that my business has grown as I grow.

I am especially grateful to my clients. Those that love how I speak on stage and teach others how to grow. Those that trust me with their personal and professional lives, their secrets and fears. Thank you. I am a better woman every day because of you. Thank you for allowing me to be me and support you in stepping into your personal power, unlimited potential and finding your voice!

Even though the sites are gone…they created visibility for me back then, tactics I still use today.

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