I recall two amazing sessions with clients. Clients who want more, who trust my process, who are rule breakers like me! As a success coach, the balance of what I know works and what you dream for your life is what I bring together.

One said: “I just want to fuck around and make money.” So we talked about her favorite things to do, how they call a tribe and can pay the bills…she’s excited. We looked at a process for “fucking around” to make money fun!

Another said: “I just want to live life on my terms not the rules and games the world has created.” We talked about reinforcing that, and taking what she already has, her knowledge and experiences, and how all the “steps” to success can be redefined to build “living life on her terms”into money. She sold out her first event!

That’s what Warriors do…choose their own path, fuck around, go left instead of right. And guess what? You can be successful doing nothing they tell you! Hell, I am proof!

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