I often find that more of us are afraid of success over failure. Come on, face it! We fail every day! You say you will exercise today…you don’t. Or finish that project….you don’t. The list goes on and on! We fail and then we get up the next day, put those big girl boots on and try again. We fail at big things and little things… All. The. Time. We aren’t afraid. It’s part of life.

Fear of success is more common.

With success comes things that scare us. 

👉🏼Like being SEEN. 

👉🏼Like people who DISAGREE. 

👉🏼Like not being LIKED.

👉🏼Like those NAYSAYERS


If you stay safe, where you are:

SEEN but not really;

In DISAGREEMENT but still consensus;



With LIKE minded people all the time….

You will struggle to have the success you desire in your  life, love, career. Success means understanding those risks. If you have succeeded you know it’s worth it. 

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