Can you be too helpful?

On a recent call with a client we were discussing her earnings and where she struggles. Interestingly she runs a very popular quarterly boot camp that many people come too. In my mind it is an excellent moneymaker

At one point in the conversation she said: “yeah, even the committee for the boot camp says it’s time we start attracting people who can afford to really pay for what we do.  I keep hanging around these entrepreneurs that will spend money on really stupid shit but when it comes to their businesses they won’t spend any money, they want it all for free. But I love helping people so I let them come.”

Do you have the mindset of “be really helpful to your customers”? Fabulous! And are you able to set good boundaries around what they pay for and the value of your time? Or are you really just giving it all away for very little to no money?

And then you’re wondering why you have all these raving fans and no money. Then you wonder why who they refer is the same way… If they refer.

This is what I call the mindset of too helpful. 

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