How often do you ask yourself: “what do I believe?” Do you tend to take for granted that you know what you believe? Are you running under an assumption that your values and beliefs systems are heightened in everything that you do?

I think that when we don’t consciously connect with what we believe we can fall into traps, or unhealthy patterns, or bad habits, and hidden beliefs. For example, 

👉🏼If you wake up extremely tired after a bad night sleep, do you ask yourself: “what do I believe about my situation right now?”

 👉🏼If you need to start a new project do you ask yourself: “what do I believe about achieving my result?”

👉🏼If you’re having some troubles in your relationship, Do you ask yourself: “What do I believe that will create success with the person I love?”

I could give more examples, the point is you have to connect energetically to what you really want. If they are negative, rethink to positive, connect to your values, change the negative thinking. What do you believe? Right now? About what you are planning? Without that conscious connection your subconscious mind, and all habitual patterns of behavior will continue, and you will get what you’ve always got.

So several times a day, pause, ask: “What is my goal or intention right now?”

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