Energy has to be handled effectively in order to achieve greater levels of success. Too often we try to plan and force energy to work the way we need it to based on our “to do list” versus channel or pay attention to energy. ( Be sure to read last weeks post.)

Energy can come from two places. The first being your own energy . And secondly what I call the nine energetic relationships. 

When you think about your own energy it’s important to see if your to do list is aligning with what you say “needs to be done.” Greater success will start if you can align your energy with the work that you need to do.

For example, my intense get it done energy is much stronger in the morning then it is in the afternoon. Knowing that about myself means that I can focus on getting key important things done right away…like working out!

Where many women struggle that I work with is understanding that they control their energy daily, as well as monthly and quarterly, which means throughout the year. (And no, I am not talking about your menstrual cycle!) . It’s time to pay attention to your energy and use it effectively and order to achieve what you need to do.

And when a schedule, like my speaking at a conference all day, requires a certain energy level that’s when I can draw upon the nine energetic relationships.

Ultimately, like I said last week, successful people understand how energy works and can handle it effectively in order to achieve what they desire. Are you managing energy, or allowing it to manage you?

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