I know. Every successful person you’ve ever read, watched on stage, been mentored by or coached tells you: “you must set goals in order to have what you want in life.“

Believe me, I am a goal setter and I am very driven and disciplined when it comes to my goals.

Sometimes though a goal can actually get in the way of success. Sometimes you can be so focused on achieving your goal, but you don’t see how you are dropping other important things around you that will actually improve your life, career, and happiness. Sometimes you can be so driven to get your goal done, that you do not see opportunities that make life easier and therefore more successful.

For example, I set a goal to blog three times a week this year. Since I started it I have successfully written and posted three blogs or week! I have been very focused and disciplined to achieve that goal. The reason why was to increase organic traffic to my website. And guess what? Blogging three times a week does that. It works! So I keep blogging. Also it’s so close to the end of the year, it would be horrible to fail!

But the goal got in the way. I stopped updating website content. I never got my speaker page up as well as other simple updates. I got behind on emailing my list old and new connections. Because the writing three times a week has zapped my writing energy. So who cares if I’m driving more organic traffic if the website isn’t updated! Who cares if I am list building if I never email them!

Sometimes one must look further into their goals. Are they really achieving what you want?

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