This week while facilitating, a participant said: “ this course is just reminding me to be a better human.”

I loved that answer. Because deep down, I hope my work makes people better. I hope that people see that they have the potential to smile, make eye contact and just brightness someone else’s life.

I actually shared an example of that in this class as well. I said there are times when I go in the organizations to present and walk in the hallways and no one looks up, makes eye contact, and smiles. I related that example to being influential. What if a month from now you need buy in on an idea, and I’m the person that walks in to that meeting?

At the end of the program a woman was sure that that was one of her biggest takeaways. She said: “I need to look up make eye contact and smile more.“

I push participants to think about how they’re building a nurturing relationships. I asked them to think about how they can spend a percentage of their day doing just that. After one 15 minute break, another came back and said: “I just spent my break nurturing relationships. I talked to three people and I know I made a difference.“

These are things I’m talking about. Relationships matter.

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