Through a series of e-books I am creating called “Unscripted,“ I’m asking people to share pivotal moments and stories in their lives. One of the books is written for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs and I thought this example from Shark Tank was a great one.

A gentleman who called him self an inventor, not an entrepreneur, came on with the first product he invented as a teenager. When he was asked by the Sharks more about his background he shared:

“One day my girlfriend asked me to move an elliptical out to the garage, I couldn’t get the elliptical through the door without either taking it apart, or taking the door off. The easier solution was taking the door off. So I did and put the elliptical in the garage for her.”

“When I told her I finished getting it in the garage, she said: ‘great, now put the door back on its hinges.’ I teased her about not giving me credit for getting it out there and her comment was: ‘you never finish anything you ever start so go put the door on it hinges.’

He explained further that was the pivotal moment for him. She was right. He went and dug out his dollar store notebook that he has had for 15 years, since he was a teenager. It is filled with all of his inventions and he went to the very first one and patented it and started selling it. And she is now his fiancé.

Are you one to start something and rarely finish it? Do you put conscious energy into completing what you started? This amazing man wasn’t and having something as simple as putting the door back on changed his life forever.

What a great story. So simple and powerful with amazing lessons. That’s what the ebook series Uscripted is all about. I hope you’ll join me in reading amazing stories from people just like you and the lessons that they have learned!

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