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I am focused on success for women. I delight in process of how we become influential, how we step into our own personal power in person, online, and in front of groups. I show women how to discover and then balance feminine and a masculine energy’s to achieve what they desire in their lives and businesses. Strong, powerful, loving, and being uniquely you is a possibility. Because every woman has the potential.

Whether you are a woman wanting the confidence to be seen in your work, or to get the promotion. Or you’re a woman who aspires to be valued in your relationships or to grow your own business… I have the system that delivers results.

What I have realized is that I have always been on the journey of becoming a woman. That may seem crazy because I am born female; I think though many of you can relate. So many things to deter us from being who were really meant to be.

What I have learned is that becoming the best me is a journey, transcendence is not an end result. And many ways it’s like undressing on a cold winter day. As you slowly peel off each layer you become comfortable where you’re at. Eventually, a new layer gets peeled off. And I step more deeply into who I am meant to be in this world.

Ultimately finding me has been about stripping down all of the layers. The layers put on to me by a family who loves me; the layers put on by expectations of society; the layers put on by the work I do and the people I serve.

Is it time to “peel away your layers” and BEcome more you in your life and career?

As a Woman:


  • I have been married 18 years, yes to the same man. Earl and I work hard to have a relationship other people DESIRE to have.
  • My grandmother taught me that deep, true, loyal love does not come without trial and tribulations. Commitment and great love takes work. It’s easier to walk away.
  • I love to cook. Earl thinks I should be on Chopped! Cooking shows inspire me.
  • A dark dirty secret? I am hooked on reality TV! (Don’t judge.) I think because I am a psychologist I see the dynamics of human behavior in the shows as it relates to my clients.
  • We “grow food, not lawns”. We have a 9000 square foot, high density, organic, year-round garden in our ENTIRE yard. I post pictures all the time on my facebook profile.
  • I love a great glass of wine, Champagne, craft beer (dark and dirty like my man), and even a fabulous cocktail. Yes, I like an alcoholic beverage, and not afraid to admit it.
  • The person I admire most in this world is my younger sister. She is an amazing wife, mother, executive and powerful leader of others. I often share her story in my courses and at retreat.
  • I am truly an open book and I LOVE connecting with others!  Follow me on FaceBook or Twitter, I’d love to connect!
  • I love to read. Of course, books that are work related, but I love fiction series novels. Crime and mystery and especially paranormal romance series!
  • I remember when I realized that being strong, smart and sexy was NOT a bad thing. Growing up as girls we are often taught we cannot be all three. Choosing that I can, has freed me from stereotypes and conditions as a woman! My high-achieving clients get this, and they want it.
  • I have a THING for shoes. Sexy, high-heeled shoes. I believe if you wear them you work them! (If you’ve ever seen me in heels I work them….all day…and night long!)
  • On my Facebook profile, I share an “Earlism of the Day”…from my husband. It started innocently enough, then become very popular! Come check them out for insight into my life!

Does “bragging” about yourself make you uncomfortable?

Are you ready to learn why sharing matters?

As a business woman I:

  • have created and turned concepts into successful start-ups for years. In college, I decided to design, develop, brand and successfully implement my own sorority(which is still running on campus 20+ years later, called Zeta Pi), to creating a non-profit organization for homeless pregnant and/or parenting teens, which is now nationally modeled. I founded The SNCC Way, all about my ability to use social media to market, and sold it to a good friend who runs the content today.
  • went to graduate school with the intention of starting my own speaking and coaching business. What makes my degree powerful is it’s in My ability to understand, read, and support people through their own “stuff” combined with my understanding of business influence is powerful.
  • started my company now in 1998, and developed an international presence as a speaker to large corporations. In 2004, I decided to radically change my focus and developed my same programs for entrepreneurs and small business owners.
  • believe my journey has allowed me to accept my calling to work with women! The message keeps repeating itself! And I love working with clients that want to step into their greatness in their lives and careers.
  • have been a speaker A really long time! I actually started toastmasters in the 7thgrade! I competed in oratory in high school, and have spoken in front of audiences as large as 10,000. I have taught seminars and given talks paid professionally since 1995, all over the globe
  • developed a program in graduate school for building self-esteem in women. It has always been a part of my work.
  • am honored that my program and work is about YOU, your unlimited space and potential, and how to make the steps in the system work for who you are, and what your dreams are.
  • am not going anywhere.I am not the “newest, hottest” coach out there who will be burnt out in two years and gone. I have been “doing it” since 1997, and that isn’t changing.
  • LOVE the creativity of upleveling what I teach my clients so it is fresh, exciting and cutting edge. There will always be improvements to my work- it is my passion after all!
  • am called to share my true gift with my clients….my intuition. It manifests in that I see your unlimited space and potential, even when you may not. And I don’t just see it and tell you…I know a way to make it come ALIVE!
  • am a published author.Through a publishing house, as well is in a “Journal” (my undergraduate thesis on wives and girlfriends of prison inmates has been published in the American Society of Criminology Journal!), and as a featured guest writer on popular sites. Oh and my blog of course!
  • do a TON of video! My YouTube channel has over half a million views!

Do you “do great work” and “keep your head down” just hoping “they” will notice?

When you share your achievements you are powerful in others hearts and minds!

The journey to branding the Warrior-Preneur has become as powerful a part of who I am, as it is a part of my amazing clients and fans. My whole life as been a battle, in many ways, but it wasn’t until I realized that what is happening “out there”, outside of me…I cannot control, the only real battle is inside me.

My world changed. I was no longer a victim of circumstances; I was no longer angry. (Yes, I even went through the “mad at the world stage” and when people would ask, why are you angry? Of you know my response! “I’m not angry!” Some of you know that angry…the angry when you don’t know you are! Anyway, I digress.

See, when I became the Warrior that fought the internal battles with great courage, even in times of fear, I was able to truly step into my power. To no longer feel alone. To not worry about judgment.

The sword, my Japanese Katana become the symbol. My husband gave me a gorgeous one as a gift. There is glorious meaning behind it, so relevant to what we go through; here is my blog about it. In 2015 I had a vision of me fully undressed, with my sword tattooed on my back. I have never had a tattoo, although Earl has many! I knew in that moment I wanted it. We finished it in 2016. Another step in becoming me.

That led to another internal battle. Learning to be loving of myself and my body, of how I am aging, seeing beautiful- turning off the critic. No Photoshop of my pictures to make me a size eight!

Preneur comes from the Latin, prendes, which means to understand, grasp, or capture. As Warriors that is our journey… a greater understanding of ourselves; grasping on with confidence even in times of fear; capturing the love, happiness, lives and careers we choose. Fully awakening the sensuality of who we are. Connecting with all of us. That is why I work with women to achieve just that. And yes you deserve it.

Comparing yourself to me as you read this? Do it with others? It slowly eats away at your self-worth. You deserve to be strong, powerful, loving and comfortable with YOU! Ready for a private call to achieve your desires?

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