Women Who Inspire – Joan Rivers

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All my friends will tell you that I’m not really in to celebrities. I’m much more of a chef and winemaker fan! There are a few celebrities though that have made an impact on my life. Joan Rivers has been one of them. Coming home after our vacation and being off grid I learned of her surgery and being put into a medically induced coma. With bated breath we listened every day to the news to see what would happen. Sadly she has passed, as most of you know.

Joan Rivers was a celebrity that I deeply appreciated because of who she was and how she lived her life. There’s so much that we can all learn from her, if you ask me! I started wearing her jewelry over 17 years ago. The first piece was bought by my mother. Her bee jewelry was all about doing the impossible! You can see my collection in the picture below!

Her jewelry led me to ask “How do I represent myself on stage? What is my sense of style and how can I make it my own?  How can I be unique and still be fashionable and forward?” Yes, I learned a ton from a comedian! I also learned how to really have a sense of humor in my life, as she did.

Most recently, I have been watching her reality TV show with her daughter and grandson. The last three years I have learned how Joan Rivers lives life and every moment to the fullest. I’d laugh and cry in admiration for her while watching that show. As she passed I’m sure she had every intention of being the back this month with a big bold loud voice box living her life full out again. That, to me, is where I want to go in my life.


How are you living fully every day? Alive? Vibrantly? Full of love and laughter? Reaching for the impossible like the bee? And always, always, always, pushing yourself to live the biggest, bestest, life you can live.

Thank you Joan, you’re truly an inspiration.

Limiting Beliefs and A Warriors Journey

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warrior-preneurLimiting Beliefs. All of us have them. Oh ABSOLUTELY I have limiting beliefs! Like you, I have to be consciously aware of them, and battle them. Limiting Beliefs can stop your ability to be self-confident, to build a wildly successful business….to EARN what you deserve with ease. Limiting Beliefs can be THE thing, even when you KNOW in every fiber of your soul that what you offer is so powerful, that stops the world from investing in it. See reality is this: I HOLD ME BACK. (Same for you *wink*)


Funny thing? Is when they are deeply entrenched, they are hard to see in yourself. The obvious ones are not the ones we often really need to battle…it’s the secret ones, the deep rooted ones.


The ones I talk about in my book, The Influence Factor, and how you have to REWRITE the TRUTH.


I have one – one that I have to deeply work on…wonder what it is? I did a little digital audio about it, and some insights about how to change it, and change YOURS. Curious about mine? Ready to change your limiting beliefs?

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Next Level of Success

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Stop chasing nickelsI attended a conference that I selected specifically because I knew I needed to surround myself with people who were playing at the next level of success. Don’t get me wrong; I love my tribe, my followers, my friends my fans, but if you want to get to the next level you’ve got to play with people that are at that level.

It was transformational! And a huge wake up call.

I am famous for telling my clients the only thing that’s holding you back is you. And guess what? The only thing that’s holding me back is me. It was true then, it is true now as I share this with you.

Honestly, I got myself here. I got known for something I did not want to be known for and that is painful, and stressful. Especially when it’s making money, and you need to make some money.

But guess what? I was chasing nickels to make dimes! Attending the conference made me wake up and draw the line.

Is it time for you to draw a line? Have you been caught up in selling something that isn’t really your heart and passion?  Do you know you need to change that? Are you ready to say no? Do you REALLY want the next level of success?

I did after the conference and I’ve never looked back. And guess what? The journey has been 1000 times better than chasing the money. And I make way way more than I did when I was chasing the money! Now I am truly doing what I am meant to do, I am clear on my mission, and that has resulted in the next level of success: mentally emotionally and financially!

Be Social


I wanted to tell you how The Influence Factor has help me grow as a person. As I first started reading I was like “oh lord I have to write something.” But as I continued to read I started to respect the exercises in the book. They make you dig deep within yourself and be honest with who you really are. Scary at first but very necessary. On page 42, where Ann shares how to “Own Your Self Worth” was a deep chapter for me. It posed a few questions which I wasn’t sure I was ready to answer: 1. Control do you have it in your life? At the time I could honestly say no I really didn’t. If you ask me now I can say yes in a healthy way at that. 2. Commitment: Are you committed to the things you value and believe in? I thought so but as I continued to soul search I realized I was more committed to everyone else then to myself. That has since changed. 3.Challenge: Are you willing to take risks and try new things? This question here is a work in progress. I am still working on it one day at a time. Thanks Ann, for your book. Everyone should read it! Love, Haneef Jordan, http://www.facebook.com/touchmycloset
Haneef Jordan, Touch My Closet