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Why Fear of Success Might Hold You Back: A Checklist

Last week, I shared a simple awareness that most people have a fear of success. I even recalled the journey about myself, which I had to change to have the success I really wanted. See, we get what we DESERVE, NOT what we want. We get what we DESERVE, NOT what we want. Click To Tweet And what we deserve is really how we believe, deep inside our hearts. As a small business owner, I see many of my clients do these things to self-sabotage success. Do you recognize yourself in any of them? As you read this checklist, take a moment to really LISTEN with your heart, and answer with a yes, if you do these things. 1.      You know you need to do some blogging…but you just don’t feel like writing today. 2.      You decide it’s time to charge more for what you do, but when asked “how much” you seem to say less than you agreed with yourself to charge. 3.      You try to be everything to everybody, because you don’t want to exclude anyone. 4.      You constantly ask other people what they think…of your logo, your product, your copy, your price, your title…and are overwhelmed by their opinions. 5.      You share what you think online, and someone disagrees, and you silently overthink what you said and why it might be the wrong thing. 6.      You are inconsistent: in showing up, in follow through, in marketing, in networking, with leads and customers. 7.      You have a MILLION great ideas, but struggle with implementing and monetizing them. 8.      You take an AMAZING class and are motived to... read more

A Straightforward Awareness that Will Change Your Business Success

Fear of Success. Yep. That’s it. Many if not ALL people I work with…and many that are afraid to work with me because I fix this factor….they are afraid of SUCCESS! Let me explain and create some awareness. One of the 5 Essential Elements of a Bad-Assery Business™, that I focus energy on with my clients, is Vision of Self. It’s been so powerful to watch my psychology background play a critical part in what I do with small business owners and entrepreneurs! See, your ability to grow your business has LITTLE to do with HOW. You can learn HOW everywhere. Heck, just Google How to….set up  XYZ…wa-lah! You can take a million classes about HOW. It’s NOT the problem. Eighteen years coaching and speaking about self-worth and success, it’s about you and your beliefs. (Or as I say in my book: The Influence Factor, it’s about these stories you have created that have become TRUTHS for you) Fear of success comes from a deep sense of self-worth that one doesn’t deserve it. Doesn’t deserve the accolades, the money, the visibility, the praise, the recognition as an expert… Oh I know, when in your HEAD you might be thinking: “But Ann, I do deserve it…what are you talking about?” What does your heart say? Really listen to your heart, deep inside your soul. Get out of your head to grow. Get out of your head to grow. Click To Tweet When you don’t think you deserve it, you do little things to self-sabotage the success. I know, I once was so “in my head” I thought I did deserve... read more

5 Mindsets to Generate Strong Desire

Desire is so incredibly important to have success. I find that many entrepreneurs think they have it. But do you? Really? In a previous blog on Obtaining Strong Desire I shared important insight into what desire really is. I also promised I would share with you the five things, mindsets, which I believe it takes to truly have it. As you read these rate yourself: how strong is your mindset? You must know your purpose. Your WHY. WHY is more than “pay my bills” or “feed my family.” WHY is about your calling, what put you on this earth. Most entrepreneurs I work with have this part. They know their true calling, their purpose for being here. YAY! We got this part. What else does it take to have strong desire? There can only be Plan A. Your purpose, your organized knowledge must be your primary focus EVERY Now, I get it, some of you are completely afraid to quit Plan B and just go for it. If that’s true though, Plan A is where your energy and effort is every day. Your desire to make it successful overrides “tired”, “not enough time”, and other responsibilities. Having strong desire means you will (not must) spend a minimum of 30 minutes a day, every day on Plan A. You have to believe with everything in you that you deserve success. Yes, I have talked about the fear of success before. If somewhere in you, you don’t think you deserve it, your desire isn’t strong enough. And I am planning MORE on this….coming soon, so stay tuned! You know that there... read more

How to Create a Captivating Speaker Introduction: 4 Simple Steps

Your speaker introduction, that thing that is read by somebody else prior to you giving your talk, (webinar, radio, telesummit, or on stage) is a critical step towards invigorating buyers (Step 5 in my Bad-Assery Business™ MasterMind program). Too often, when we get ready to get “onstage”, “someone” reads a list of credentials that we think will help us have credibility and influence with the audience. And honestly, the audience could care less! If you are doing that, you are a big ol’ yawn, before you ever get on stage! Shouldn’t your goal be getting them liking you with that valuable time? YES!! And if your talk is short, you just lost valuable minutes that you could’ve used to get them ready to buy! I teach my MasterMind clients to think about that introduction strategically as valuable “presentation time” that sets up the audience to know, like and trust you, as well as subliminally hear an offer with ever selling them! Here are 4 simple steps to include in your speaker introduction? Humor is wildly powerful in a speaker intro. How can you add humor? Something funny about yourself is the best way. When you write it, you need to do that in a way that allows the person who’s going to read it to know that it’s meant to be funny. You only want 10 to 20 words maximum about why you’re an expert. A simple one-liner to reinforce why you are qualified to talk to them is all the credentials you need at this point. Most importantly, your speaker intro needs to emotionally connect the buyer to... read more

Obtaining the Desire to Be Successful in Business

I am constantly thinking about how to improve the work I do for my clients. I want them to be full. Well okay, maybe that’s the Italian in me, LOL. But really, I want them satisfied, inspired, challenged. More importantly, and I think it’s my psychology background, I am constantly digging deeper into what makes some people fail, struggle and other soar and succeed. I am constantly looking at how to train the mind to change your life. I use many concepts from Napoleon Hill’s book: “Think and Grow Rich” in my work. One thing he repeats continuously is the word desire. I guess it isn’t the word desire, it is the concept of desire. He says in order to achieve the riches we want through our “power” (i.e. “organized knowledge” is power) we MUST have strong desire. I am sure you are similar to my clients in that when I ask: “Do you have desire?” The answer is ALWAYS yes. But what is the concept of desire? Do you really have it? Or do you hear the word and just think you have it? Reality is this: to achieve the success you deserve, DESIRE, strong desire is necessary and required. Napoleon Hill says: “The starting point of all achievement is desire. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desire brings weak results, just as a small fire makes a small amount of heat.” I had an epiphany in a small networking MasterMind group I run called “Women, Wine and Wisdom.” It was about desire and what traits it takes to REALLY have it. To have the kind of strong... read more

The HELL YES Mindset for Business Success: What You Need to Know

June 8 I made a commitment to getting back in shape. My severe back injury and chronic pain has not gone away by not exercising. So we are back at the gym, 3 times a week, 30 minutes high intensity. I believe when you decide…you DO. So, Biggest Loser style, I am at it (and honestly the last 3 years, I have had little if no real exercise.) On the 5th day in this process we did 15 minute rounds of 50 jump rope, 20 squats, and 50 punches. Then two 6 minute rounds of back and biceps. (Days one through four were not that different!) No excuses no whining, no quitting. Is it hard? HELL YES. Was I in pain? (not back pain, exercise pain)HELL YES. Did I feel light headed? HELL YES. Did I do what I said I would do? HELL YES. This mindset is critical for business success. I guess we could call it the HELL YES mindset. Click To Tweet LOL! It is really about committing to your plan, even when it is HARD. Trust me, being in business isn’t just about putting out to the world what you love. There is so much more to it. And there will be times when you will think it’s just too hard, it’s painful, maybe even a little light headed! With my clients, we work on the 5 Fundamentals of a Bad-Assery Business, one of them being “Vision of Self”. Mindset is a big part of this fundamental. Above I talk about training my body. Guess what though, you have to train your mind to change your... read more

How the First Garden Tomato is Like Your First Client

If you garden, there’s nothing quite like the first ripe tomato of the summer. Okay, if you don’t garden you probably know how fabulous summer tomatoes are fresh from the garden! That first tomato though, for a gardener, is a symbol of accomplishment. There’s nothing more powerful than picking it, realizing that you nurtured and cultivated something to grow, that now you get the pleasure of enjoying! Then you get to make a decision about how you’re going to eat that first tomato! Right from the vine still warm from the sun, in a salad, with some mozzarella, or just a little salt! Interestingly, I think that first tomato is just like getting your first customer in your business! Click To Tweet You nurtured and cultivated something powerful and they bought it!  You can’t wait to show the customer everything you have to offer. You’re excited about what you will do with them. You’re available, ready, and willing! It’s a beautiful relationship. Then, just like my tomatoes, you will have lots of them, sometimes it’s even overwhelming (in a good way of course!) deciding just what to do with them! As is your plan in your successful business, clients will grow, more come! Guess what? Thinking about how you will WOW multiple customers without having to individually manage each one of them is part of the growth struggle you will have. How will you excite and delight each customer as they come on?  How will you make sure they feel just as special as the first one? This is why when I work with clients we talk about the “5 Fundamentals of a Bad-Assery Business”. Customer WOW is one of... read more

5 Essential Elements of a Bad-Assery Business™

It’s always interesting to become an entrepreneur and then to really think about the business side of success. What you love to do, your passion, it’s typically not the business! That is why in my MasterMind, COMPEL, Speak, Sell,  we spend time on looking how you leverage what you’re doing and get it organized into systems so that you can have long term success. No matter what, there are certain things that need to be put into place in order to earn what you desire. And I don’t care if that’s $3000 a month or $300,000 a month! That is why I have been working on the 5 Essential Elements of a Bad-Assery Business™  for you. Each of these essential elements are important as the foundation of your success to be able to grow the level you want. Many people, actually (even I did) grow financially, THEN struggle because these are not in place, as they need to be to fully leverage what you do. Our focus in the MasterMind are assuring that you are leveraging your business in order to grow. These five elements are RARELY talked about, especially in a cohesive and seamless system. That’s why I share them here, so you can see each, and understand what it takes to build your Bad-Assery business! We think if we take what we so passionately love, and “put a shingle up” people will pay! HAHAHA! Click To Tweet The joke is on us! The five essential elements are: 1-Vision of Self: You are, in many ways, your business. How you build your esteem, deal with your limiting beliefs, have strong boundaries for... read more

Self-worth and Knowing Your Mind When Others Disagree

Self-worth is so important for running a successful business. It’s crucial to be able to have confidence in what you think and feel, even if somebody else differs in their opinion or mindset. I recently had an experience that really hit home about how critical this is. In a conversation with a friend’s girlfriend we had a clear difference of opinion. She so wanted me to agree with her. When I didn’t agree, she tried to convince me. When I still didn’t, she started to cry. At that point I put my hand on her arm and decided to end the conversation. She could not stop crying and told me she thought I was mean for disagreeing. To be successful in a business, you must know your mind, and have confidence in it, even when others disagree. If you constantly think others are mean when they disagree, it will be al long hard road. [Tweet ” One of the things I work with clients in building their self-worth is understanding the concept of stepping into “educo”.”] This is about really taking what you have learned, and tapping into your self-worth and knowledge, and making it yours. It means that you can confidently move forward knowing that what you have to offer the world is special. You don’t need somebody else to agree to know that’s true. Are you able to surround yourself with others that think differently than you, to allow them to have their own viewpoint, and still have confidence in yourself? Are you able to own how you think and feel without everybody agreeing? This is why “Vision of Self” is the first and most important frame of a... read more

Why Asking Everyone’s Opinion will Lead to Failure

Watch out for the opinions of others if you want to be successful in business! I learned this first and truly by absorbing Napoleon Hill’s book: “Think and Grow Rich.” He says: “Opinions are the cheapest commodities on earth. Everyone has a flock of opinions ready to be wished upon anyone who will accept them. If you are influenced by “opinions” when you reach DECISIONS, you will not succeed in any undertaking.” Believe me, I love when people asked my opinion, heck who doesn’t?! When you decide on the system, a plan for success, it is critical that you stick to it and don’t get caught up in the opinions of others. When you are developing a system for your business outside opinions will only confuse and frustrate you. I have learned that I have to be extremely careful even when clients want my opinion. Click To Tweet I understand they trust me, and having my opinion matters to them. I am honored that they feel that way. Reality is, though, that I have a system I teach them, and when I give opinions of things outside that system I only confuse the scope of work that we do together and it doesn’t add value. When my opinion disagrees with that of another thought leader they admire… Oh! Now they’re even more frustrated! So beware of giving and receiving opinions when it comes to your business. Especially be aware of opinions of people who have no risk in your business, financially or otherwise! You have all the risk, choose a system that you’re implementing, and don’t be so concerned about... read more
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