5 Steps To Selling

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5 steps to selling, make your offer from the stageI have 5 Steps to selling what you do from the stage, more importantly I think they can be leveraged EVERYWHERE. I am excited over the next several weeks  (and maybe even months!) to share with you what these five steps are in a little bit of detail. This way you can start exploring in your own business how you can use speaking as a marketing strategy to grow your business, and more importantly how you can use these steps to earn what you deserve with ease.

I know there are many people that coach you on how to get on stage and speak and sell. What makes my program unique is that I have been a speaker who sells from the stage since the 1990s, and my strategy is based on what’s called BOR, Back of Room. That actually means that you are going to take money in the back of the room once you get off the stage! Don’t you want to have that happen? Honestly, even for high ticket items and packages there is no reason to “sell” a strategy session from the stage! You CAN close!

So what are the five steps to selling when on the stage?

1-Build brand story. Storytelling is one of the most powerful components of speaking. The problem is most entrepreneurs I work with are GREAT inspirational story tellers, not sales story tellers.  There are 2 types of stories you want to strategize, and one CRITICAL component for buyers to be attracted.
2-Organize a brand resource. We all have great services that we want to sell! Many of us feel that what we do is creative, and “different” for people we help. We also feel that MANY people need what we offer. It is how you organize what you do that builds leverage, and credibility. Buyers are more ready when you organize.

3- Create a powerful Brand Promise. Let’s face it people buy from emotional connection. They use logic to rationalize a “no”. So the brand promise is the transformation you create for their lives, their businesses, their relationships, their house. Once you organize your knowledge in step two, be sure to ask yourself: “What promise, or transformation do I create?”
4- Build Brand Sales. Let’s face it we have to have a clear sales strategy, and more importantly we need to be able to own our price point with confidence and clarity. Understand these pieces, as well as how and when to position a offer is critically important!

5-Create Brand Buzz on the Stage. When we get on the stage we want to create so much buzz, that they can’t wait to be a part! And that means that they are coming to the back of the room and handing you a credit card, or a check, or filling out your order form because they are in! There are clear strategies you want to follow every time on stage to make that happen.

Over the next several weeks, and possibly months I’m going to cover these five steps in greater detail. I have also done a video series where I “speak then” – lol! I’d love if as you read this something stands out that you have a question about that you ask me in the comments below so that I can make sure to write a blog about it and give you a shout out!

A Loving Response

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It’s always amazing to me when you get to have a day where your significant other just spoils you with a loving response! Recently on a date night (I have written about date night before, if you have followed along we always ask each other an important question and we both have to answer our own question honestly as well as the other one). My husband asked what he could do more of at home or in our relationship. Funny thing is here? He ALREADY knew the answer, because we have a little bit of a tiff about it the week before, LOL.

I work from home so I take on the primary responsibilities of the home. The laundry, most of the shopping, the cooking, the cleaning…. you know where I’m going. (When did I become a house wife…that isn’t on my vision board!) Sometimes I’ll just ask him to do some little simple thing and he answers in a way where I feel I’m putting him out. And the funny thing is I’m the primary breadwinner in the house, on top of it LOL! I get it I work from home, I don’t have to put up with the corporate bull, I know get the opportunity to run my schedule I’m not stuck in traffic like he is. But when I ask I’d just appreciate a loving response.

So that came up on date night. And he knew the answer as I said! Fast forward to the Sunday following… he’s building my boxes in the garden and he’s also decided to make the soup for us to eat for lunch this week. While he is busting his butt in the garden I say that I’m in a go in and get the chicken roasted for dinner, and he looks up and says: “I’m going to do that.” I’m like shocked!

a loving response, warrior-preneur

The chicken!!

Guess what? He roasted the chicken, he made the soup, he finished the boxes in the garden, AND he got me flowers and a massage that night! Now ladies that’s what I call foreplay! Honestly, we have to be willing to tell the person we love what we need, and I think most of us know that, but we also need a place to talk about it so a loving response is the outcome.

Mental Warrior Mindset for Success Discipline

Written by Ann Evanston. Posted in Business Strategy, Mental Mind Shifts

Becoming a mental warrior is the battle within isn’t it? Ideas are great! Do you have the discipline to make them real?

Every Monday I will post a video blog about your mental warrior mindset! I’d love for you to leave a comment below and tell me what you think!

How is your mental warrior mindset when it comes to discipline?

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Rewarding Sales Strategy from the Stage: Why energy matters

Written by Ann Evanston. Posted in Speaking Strategy

5 Mistakes When Speaking to Sell, speaking as a marketing strategy, rewarding sales strategy from the stageIf you want to build a rewarding sales strategy from the stage and actually sell your product immediately (not make a “strategy session” offer and sell them later) energetically there are some things you must do. I’m a big believer in the transfer of energy and that people read energy everywhere whether they’re conscious of it or not! So where when you want to speak to sell where must you consider your energy?

1-Think about your energy related to the service you sell. Do you feel good about the price point? Do you feel confident that you offer value for the price that you are sharing? Would you buy what you sell from someone else at the price point you offer?

If you are willing to confidently and energetically own your price point then when you speak that energy is transferred.  If you are uncomfortable, afraid that people won’t but at that price point, or lack confidence in your service, they FEEL it.

2-Think about your energy when someone else is on stage and selling their product or service. Do you energetically shut down? Do you get angry or frustrated that they are trying to sell you something? Do you go so far as to leave the room when they’re selling?

It’s important to realize that if you shut down when someone else is selling that that means you don’t like sales from the stage. And at the same time you’re trying to learn how to have a rewarding sales strategy from the stage? That is an energetic contradiction. Choosing to buy from someone who sells from the stage is just that, a choice. So if you are choosing no that is perfectly okay. It is more important to realize that this is an opportunity for you to learn. How does the person transfer to their offer? Energetically, what are they like? How are they making their offer special so people are interested? How are they closing it? Take advantage of the opportunity to learn!

3-Think about your energy when you transition onstage to your offer. Does it shift? Do you take a deep breath or even sigh? Are you using the language that shows that you are not comfortable with making your offer from the stage?

This is the one place when I coach clients and watch them on stage that I see a transfer and energy over and over. The first two points are critical to shifting. If you don’t feel good about your price point your energy will shift and if you shut down when others are selling to you as an audience member you will your energy will shut down here as well.

If you want a rewarding sales strategy from the stage consider your energy. Where might you need to shift?

Success and having Powerful Relationships

Written by Ann Evanston. Posted in Women Inspire

I firmly believe that my powerful relationship lends it’s hand in my success. In my online course, Vision of your Most Influential Self, I reinforce the purpose and power of making sure you nurture ALL areas of your life for success including relationships. We recently did just that. Saturday was filled with tons of running errands with my spouse. I know that might not sound amazing, but it was with my husband all day we got our grocery shopping done, we did several things related to our garden so that we could spend Sunday at home. We get to talk and support each other when we do it together.

Late Saturday afternoon we sat in our gorgeous garden listening to music and having some wine. We laughed and talked and then we decided to go have sushi for dinner! It was totally unplanned in spirit of the moment. Both of us were in our sweats from running around I didn’t even have makeup on!

The sushi joint we go to we are typically regulars at, we had not been to in a while with the cleanse we were on. It was great to see the owner and her beautiful baby, and Gil our favorite sushi chef did a great job. We broke in the new waitress Rachel because our favorite waitress Angela moved on last year. Rachel can hang! lol

powerful relationships, ann Evanston

While sitting there, we decided to go visit Angela at the place she bar tends at! So from sushi we headed to her bar. Earl was determined that the bar was over off another exit and I kept saying no baby it’s that exit over there behind the Safeway! So we had a little driving adventure before we got there. I wasn’t mad he didn’t listen, we just laughed and talked as we “found it” (exactly where I said it was.

Sure enough we walked in saw her behind the bar! She saw us and gave big hugs. We sat there had a couple cocktails, listened to great old school music and laughed and talked with people at the bar.

Do you remember to just nurture your powerful relationship for success?

Be Social


I wanted to tell you how The Influence Factor has help me grow as a person. As I first started reading I was like “oh lord I have to write something.” But as I continued to read I started to respect the exercises in the book. They make you dig deep within yourself and be honest with who you really are. Scary at first but very necessary. On page 42, where Ann shares how to “Own Your Self Worth” was a deep chapter for me. It posed a few questions which I wasn’t sure I was ready to answer: 1. Control do you have it in your life? At the time I could honestly say no I really didn’t. If you ask me now I can say yes in a healthy way at that. 2. Commitment: Are you committed to the things you value and believe in? I thought so but as I continued to soul search I realized I was more committed to everyone else then to myself. That has since changed. 3.Challenge: Are you willing to take risks and try new things? This question here is a work in progress. I am still working on it one day at a time. Thanks Ann, for your book. Everyone should read it! Love, Haneef Jordan, http://www.facebook.com/touchmycloset
Haneef Jordan, Touch My Closet
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