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LeverageLeverage, such a simple word yet at the same time so complicated! In my MasterMind, leverage is one of the MOST IMPORTANT strategies I teach…why? Because we all need to get off the roller coaster and frustration of inconsistent highs and lows (or maybe even consistent lows) in the money we make.

Most entrepreneurs, honestly, get to where they’re doing this in years five and six! Heck, for me, it was years 10-11!!!! (I’m a rebel remember?) I actually had the chance to work with eh “Ezine Queen” over 7 years ago, and thought she was crazy talking all this emails for sales stuff! You know who the Ezine Queen is now right? (If not go to my Facebook page and ask me…I think you will be surprised!)

In the MasterMind, COMPEL, Speak, Sell we first teach you to build your Bad-Assery Brand Resource© (BBR), and create compelling stories, you’re ready to speak and sell at a whole other level. Leverage is about how you make sure that is happening in a process so you’re not continuously freaking out about making the money!

To get ahead of it is always the challenge. Today, I want to give you some things to think about in terms of leverage.

  1. You need to understand most importantly, that leverage is really about building a plan and creating abundant cash flow. This means that you are proactive in your business building process versus reactive or constantly on the hustle to make a buck! You have to choose a proactive process versus a reactive one. You have to move out of the hustle phase of being an entrepreneur and start implementing systems.
  2. You need a list building strategy. All the research shows that people who have a list ,and a strategy for what happens when people opt-in sell more than people who do not. Of course, this reinforces what I say early on, you have to have your brand resource and stories ready!
  3. You need an editorial calendar, a place for you plan when you will do your online events, your live events, launch a new giveaway. A place with all of those things put into it so that you can plan and prepare accordingly. Your calendar should also indicate what marketing content you need to write so you don’t miss deadlines.
  4. You need visibility online! In this day and age being known for what you do is important on the Internet. If nobody can verify your credibility you lose the opportunity to grow. And there are a ton of people on the Internet who probably need what you sell! Build your marketing to include an online presence.
  5. You need exclusive sales opportunities built into your planning calendar. How will people that know you get the opportunity to work with you at an amazing rate? If you ALWAYS discount, it’s never an exclusive opportunity!
  6. You need to learn the power of repurposing everything. This is a HUGE time saver, and builds a consistent Brand message. If you were truly working the five steps of the system, you can use all of that content in your leverage strategy! It also supports the sales statistic that says it is 7-9 touches before they buy.
  7. You need develop advanced giveaway strategies. Have more than one way for people to get on your list! If you built your resources you know that there are many ways that you can share that same information.
  8. Ultimately, you need to evolve to partnership. As entrepreneurs, if we do it all alone, we work harder, not smarter. Build your list, and affiliate program. Then partner with others that also serve your clients and watch easy money grow!

Right now this might seem overwhelming! I get it. That is why I take such pride in thoroughly, and completely teaching these systems to entrepreneurs like you. I have an AWESOME series of emails that will give you specific insights to building your COMPELLING and EARNING business, which you can get here

My goal, through the Mastermind, is to continue to train and teach you on this so that in three years you have abundant cash flow! Join us in this powerful and business changing program!

10 Steps to a Compelling Presentation that Gets RESULTS!

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FB 5 videosWhen you’re speaking on the stage, doing a tele-seminar, webinar, or even a radio show for free exposure somewhere, these 10 tips will help ensure your success:

  1. Introduce yourself, and be sure to share one or two reasons why they should listen to you.
  2. Share what they will get while watching or listening to this presentation. Especially share a little teaser that you will give a very important insight or tip they won’t want to miss at the very end of the program.
  3. Tell them why they are in the right place. Name the challenge or the problem that they are having, and the result (the transformation) they can get after applying what you will share.
  4. Share that there will still be things they’ll need to continue to learn and you will tell them how they can do that in this program. This is the place to let them know that you will have a way for them to expand and learn further with you and your programs.
  5. Share your story. This is a place to share your personal story and journey illustrating what you’ve learned based on what you teach.
  6. Give your lesson or present the step in your program that you planned to share. Provide a good juicy tidbit that makes them feel they got great value.
  7. Make your offer. This is where you will give them a place to sign up for your free gift or to sell what you’re selling.
  8. Ask a question to get them thinking about why they need to continue to work on this or why it’s important for them to work on this.
  9. Give them a place where they can share via social media so that it helps you get greater exposure. As you are doing that, continue to talk about your offer and the people who are already signing up for it.
  10. Lastly, at the very very end give them one big juicy to-do to carry forward. This must always come after your offer.

These are 10 simple yet powerful steps to building your business though the opportunity to speak! In my MasterMind, COMPEL. Speak. Sell I incorporate these steps into my system so you have a strategy that completely gets the results you desire. I have a video series that gives more insight–> it’s absolutely free! Get it today and start learning more!

You Must Call People to Action!

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Call people to actionIn Step 4 of my MasterMind, COMPEL. Speak. Sell. I spend time talking with my members about the importance of this simple strategy. Step 4 is all about building sales, and this one tip is critical for sales success!

You must call people to action!

When I was a contract speaker for Fred Pryor seminars, I was a “top 1%er” in BOR (back-of-room) sales. I was asked to teach other contract trainers how to sell better from stage. One of the things I would consistently say: “clearly tell the participants what you want them to do!” I meant this in a very literal manner. This completely translates into business sales success. It works as well when you speak and especially on the internet!

Stop hinting, or thinking they know what to do because it seems so obvious to you! I would have participants in my Fred Pryor seminars pull out the order form. I would actually say, “Pull out the order form.” And then I would say, “Circle number seven.” I would say, “Meet me in the back of the room.”

When I first transitioned out on my own I “forgot” to follow this model. (How many of you read my blog about my huge FAILURE speaking at Author101?) It hurt me in the process of selling more, and building my list to sell more. Now I do it all the time and, honestly, I know I need to do EVEN MORE if I want more success.

You must call people to action!

It is important that you tell them exactly what you want them to do. Say “I would like you to share this on Facebook.” OR “I would like you to put your name and email address in the box below.” OR “I would like you to take this form and put your name and email address on it and meet me in the back of the room.” OR “Please put your name and email below to learn more about…”

You must call people to action!

The more frequently you give clear steps, clear calls to action, and tell them what you want, the better your results will be. So go through and look at your presentations, your options, your landing pages, your social media, your blogs….what do you want them to do? Are you calling them to action? Could you do it more often too?

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I wanted to tell you how The Influence Factor has help me grow as a person. As I first started reading I was like “oh lord I have to write something.” But as I continued to read I started to respect the exercises in the book. They make you dig deep within yourself and be honest with who you really are. Scary at first but very necessary. On page 42, where Ann shares how to “Own Your Self Worth” was a deep chapter for me. It posed a few questions which I wasn’t sure I was ready to answer: 1. Control do you have it in your life? At the time I could honestly say no I really didn’t. If you ask me now I can say yes in a healthy way at that. 2. Commitment: Are you committed to the things you value and believe in? I thought so but as I continued to soul search I realized I was more committed to everyone else then to myself. That has since changed. 3.Challenge: Are you willing to take risks and try new things? This question here is a work in progress. I am still working on it one day at a time. Thanks Ann, for your book. Everyone should read it! Love, Haneef Jordan, http://www.facebook.com/touchmycloset
Haneef Jordan, Touch My Closet