Going Out With A BOOM!

Written by Ann Evanston. Posted in Influence Factor

LeverageThis time of year is always interesting to me as a small business owner. I find that so many see this last month as “the end”. They wind down, enjoy their holiday, and “get ready” to be bigger and badder in the New Year. To me, this month IS about next ear! This month sets the momentum and energy I want in the next year.

So getting certain marketing pieces done NOW is critically important. Still writing a weekly blog…happening.

Developing the outline for a program you are planning next month…a must.

Being seen and present now, not a few weeks from now- definitely.

Ok, I could go on and on. As I say to my COMPEL. Speak. Sell. MasterMind members, are you ending the year BOOM BOOM BOOM or blah, blah, blah?

Don’t let the holidays deter you from your mission Warriors! Don’t let your energy shift. Move amazing energy into the New Year and I promise you will get a different result than if you slack off right now.

That’s doesn’t mean don’t enjoy your holiday, I will enjoy it FOR SURE.

One big key to my being able to do BOTH. I have systems in place that LEVERAGE my energy and make business life easier. That’s why I love teaching my MasterMind members leverage. They free up time, have more energy, and are ending the year with a BOOM!

Here is what some of them are achieving this month:

  • First book draft done and to the publisher,
  • Starting, for the first time ever, their automated campaign system,
  • Building a new branded website,
  • Marketing a class and filling it for January,
  • Launching their Virtual Bootcamp,
  • Writing their long term nurture copy,

And so much more…see, there is ONE thing that makes this powerful. We get up EVERY DAY and say: “IT IS POSSIBLE.”


2 Insights to Building COMPELLING language for your Potential Customers

Written by Ann Evanston. Posted in Business Strategy, Speaking Strategy

In the Mastermind I frequently talk about the importance of knowing your potential customers’ problems and helping them think and talk about them. This is often a struggle but it’s vital for building the compelling language you need in order to get them to buy.

The reason this is so critically important is that the majority of the time people don’t know they need you. How many times have you been out having a conversation with somebody and in the back of your mind you were thinking: ”Wow do they need what I do!” Then you dive into telling them what you do, telling them how it can help them, and nothing happens.

That’s because they don’t know they need you. And this, honestly, is the majority of the people out there. So often when you want to sell more, you have to be able to tap into how they talk about what their problems are versus how you expertly share your knowledge.

The challenge is really twofold.

First you must know who your market is. If you don’t know who they are then it’s difficult for you to find out what they talk about, what their concerns are, and the language they would use to describe those issues. It is difficult to ask them what they worry about. And you will find you start getting generic, and generic isn’t compelling.

And second, you have to be willing to listen to what they’re saying. It’s so easy to go out and network and hear somebody talking, and all you were thinking about is “boy do they need me!” instead of truly listening to the language and words they use. Next time you are with that person, that you surly knows NEEDS YOU, practice Habit #5 of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Seek First to Understand, then Be Understood. Heck, really listen to THEIR words!

So spend time clarifying who it is you serve, and then listen to them. In person and online! There are plenty of ways to find the words and language that they use in their lives that will help you sell more of what you do. In my MasterMind, COMPEL. Speak Sell, we work together to make this happen. Linda Patten, a MasterMind member said: “concentrated time on words that powerfully position your message was a true breakthrough for me.”

Are you ready to transform your language to be compelling to your buyers, and more importantly POTENTIAL buyers?

One simple step (ok 2) to Endless CONTENT!

Written by Ann Evanston. Posted in Business Strategy

I remember an epiphany I had that solved my constant struggle with content strategy. Let’s face it, in this day and age, content rules! It is critical if you want:

  • to get visible,
  • to sell more,
  • to get more speaking engagements,
  • to build your list,
  • and close more clients.

Bottom line, you have to have great content.

I can remember sitting at my computer or with a notepad, struggling with “what” to share. So let me share my epiphany that helped me overcome the struggle.

First and most important, I work so hard with all my clients to understand this…. you’ve got to build your Bad-Assery Branded Resource© (BBR). Your BBR becomes the way you build content. I found that when I was able to focus on the steps in my program, when I stopped the limiting belief that “every client is unique” and ORGANIZED my KNOWLEDGE (step 2 in my MasterMind) it was easier. This allowed me to really think about all the things I want to teach a paying customer, more and more ideas and content just kept coming to mind.

This brings up a second important point. When developing content for marketing: blogs, your list, once they opt in, a speaking engagement, social media…WHEREVER and HOWEVER you market….start first with your clients. If you prioritize the people who already pay you, and what they say they need from you, you should be able to come up with endless amounts of content!

Of course, when marketing you want to reuse and repurpose everything you have. Once you write stuff for your paying customers, then you can tweak it and turned it into a marketing and sales strategy. Learn to apply this (it is BRILLANT) strategy that will save you so much time, and is REALLY simple to do!

In my 30 Days to Confident Content Creation program I show you every day how you can take 30 minutes, and continue to build enough content to use everywhere you need it. It really is that simple to become a content generating MACHINE!

Be Social


I wanted to tell you how The Influence Factor has help me grow as a person. As I first started reading I was like “oh lord I have to write something.” But as I continued to read I started to respect the exercises in the book. They make you dig deep within yourself and be honest with who you really are. Scary at first but very necessary. On page 42, where Ann shares how to “Own Your Self Worth” was a deep chapter for me. It posed a few questions which I wasn’t sure I was ready to answer: 1. Control do you have it in your life? At the time I could honestly say no I really didn’t. If you ask me now I can say yes in a healthy way at that. 2. Commitment: Are you committed to the things you value and believe in? I thought so but as I continued to soul search I realized I was more committed to everyone else then to myself. That has since changed. 3.Challenge: Are you willing to take risks and try new things? This question here is a work in progress. I am still working on it one day at a time. Thanks Ann, for your book. Everyone should read it! Love, Haneef Jordan, http://www.facebook.com/touchmycloset
Haneef Jordan, Touch My Closet