“Spending one day with Ann I received more value than several days at other programs and conferences!”

“I attended Ann’s Bad-Assery MasterMind one-day event. With in an hour I knew I was with my tribe. The power, love, drive, and sensuality oozed from the conference. Ann leads with intention, purpose, and determination to tap into every person in the room.” “That very day my unlimited potential was fully realized. It was worth every moment and I joined her MasterMind program that same day without hesitation, which is not normal for me.” “Now my vision is fully designed and I have a clear, step-by-step plan to bring it into reality. Ann continues to tap into the things that personally hold me back, and breaks through those barriers. Ann’s Bad-Assery system is allowing my dream business to move forward while still allowing me to truly be me!”

Danielle Washington

Rogue Style Maven

“There has never been any hesitation about the value of this investment in time and money!”

“I knew the first time I saw Ann Evanston speak at Tori Johnson’s “Spark and  Hustle” that she was thedynamic force I needed in my business.”

“Working with her Bad-Assery system has allowed me to conquer and achieve so much. I have: Let go of toxic relationships, ended programs that robbed my energy, and developed a new exciting program that I absolutely love teaching! I have even started my own nonprofit 501(c)3! Everything has been fully rebranded under the Tatiana El-Khouri umbrella. No more compartmentalization of everything that I do!”

“In addition when I was asked to speak on the stage where I could sell, Ann walked me through her “Compel. Speak. Sell” system and I sold my Boot Camp to nine of the 30 people in the room at $697, it was my first time ever.”

“Best yet? As a creative, she continuously reminds me of my dream, and redirects all my ideas to help me see how they might fit or derail that dream. This only allows me to grow and be more of what I am meant to be in the world.”

“I cannot wait for what’s next!”

Tatiana El-Khouri

Tatiana El-Khouri Visual Story Teller | Road to Artdom

“After a couple of hours… Ann opens your eyes to ideas and opportunities you didn’t even know to look for!”
“My industry has a fairly “typical” marketing style and approach. Within hours Ann saw the unlimited potential in me and for my company’s plan. Through her simple process I am uniquely branded, I’ve written two e-books, and I’m doing video marketing! My customer WOW program is fabulous and I’ve transitioned my pricing structure to reflect a 20% increase!”

“I knew the first time I saw Ann speak that she comes from the heart as she stretches you to grow. Her ability to give you “little yummy bites” to work on in order to move your business to the next level is thoughtful and powerful. At the same time, she will push your potential which is phenomenal. Don’t miss the opportunity to spend two days, let alone two hours with her!”

“Most exciting? It is paying off! I am more visible than ever and people love my #BusyMom marketing approach. I have a handful of moms that have called for first appointments in the last two weeks. The one I just got off the phone with said she loved my blogs and my site spoke to her! BOOM!”

Tiffany Pociecha

Kitchens Unlimited

“I have moved so quickly and with such precision in my business!”

“Turning my “don’t have, won’t do” mindset about growing my business into a rocking “can-do, absolutely have” system has driven my brand to visibility and fame! Ann’s Bad-Assery system has a very clear, organized, and easy to follow process to implement for your business to grow. In addition, she reaches in with her whole heart to up level your success along the way.”

“There is absolutely no question about the return of investment from this program. It is beyond expectations! My numbers speak for themselves. My revenue had a 100% increase from 2014 to 2015! And in the first six weeks of 2016 I have already achieved 50% of the previous years revenue!”

“Through the Bad-Assery system I was able to take the baby steps for success, and when needed Ann pushed me to leap when she knew I was ready (even if I didn’t see it myself!). My favorite part of her Bad-Assery system is learning  how to not just  become a motivational speaker, but how to be an inspirationalspeaker who also creates immediate buyers.”

“My results from the stage have been phenomenal! 100% of the audience is signing up to my list, and 60% are buying my packages! I also keep getting invited back to speak again, which means the event planners are thrilled!”

“My recommendation? Don’t miss a live event with Ann! I never do! They are energetic, thought-provoking, and filled with heart centered breakthroughs for success. I always walk away with new insights and changed mindsets!”

Linda Patten

Dare 2 Dream with Linda

“I finally know how to attract my tribe… Finally!”

“Working with Ann Evanston’s Bad-Assery Business system has created a priceless experience for me and my business. Through working with her, she was able to channel my creative “playfulness” into a program people paid me for! I have been able to stand in confidence and own my pricing because I see all the value my clients receive. Better yet? Working the Bad-Assery system, I am also inthe black in my business for the first time.”

“My biggest limiting belief has been owning my target market. Working with Ann, I finally get it! My marketing message no longer generic, boring, safe. It is bold and bodacious! I’m overjoyed with where this clarity is taking me, and my business.” Kerry Hargarves

Living Play-FULLY

I had no doubt when I hired you Ann, that your services would be beneficial to me. I just didn’t know HOW beneficial they would be and how quickly it would happen! In two sessions, I have been able to clearly define my target market, and I have been struggling with that for many months now. With that clarification, I have updated my home page, and will be able to clearly speak to my ideal clients on my radio show. I now have a concise and firm curriculum for my coaching package, understand how auto-responders work and how to do mine, and I even have ideas for a marketing strategy that will provide my clients with online courses. You are amazing and I thank you tremendously!

Carolyn CJ Jones

I came into the Compel. Speak. Sell MasterMind with my company that has been successful since 2008. However, ‘successful’ is a word of art. What does that mean? While there are people in COMPEL. Speak. Sell. who are just starting out, I wonder if such a MasterMind is almost more important for those of us in business who are stuck in a rut and need that impetus to move forward, get out of that rut and really be successful!

What we are learning in COMPEL. Speak. Sell. is getting me so much more focused on how I can move forward on my path to more success. But what is so interesting, is that the same information that is moving me forward is also setting up those people who are just getting their ideas on paper. It is foundational information- a way to dig deeper into who we are, what our story is, what we are doing and what we want to do, all with the ultimate goal to become successful. Ann has a way of bringing these steps into real focus, coupled with her MasterMind activities with Ann herself and our other MasterMind participants, which makes us each want to do better. I am very happy I am involved in in Ann’s MasterMind.

Since the MasterMind, I have launched my webinar, and one day class that is bringing in new authors everyday! Thanks Ann

Candace Davenport

Our Little Books

Ann, Loved your 30 day Confidence, Content and Creation challenge… your wisdom has sent me to an all new level. My imagination is working as it did in my younger days due to your suggestions and your wonderful teaching skills. I love that my conversations with others are healthier than they have ever been due to knowing more of who I am. I am having a blast with all the new creative writings and your encouragement. Thanks to your suggestions through your Mastery Marketing Program, I have already met people wanting to learn more about my business. Thanks for all you do! I am finding the Warrior within me.

Donna Bickis

Mona Vie Distributor and Realtor

60 days into working with Ann program and focusing on blogging and videos to market my business BIGGER and so far I have managed to snag my first private label account and my first wholesale account, plus my web orders are up by about 200% Ann you and your Marketing Mastery Program rock baby! Can’t wait to see what the next few months of your coaching program brings!

Deb Shivers

Plott Hollow Farm

Wow! I thought I played a big game. Then Ann showed up, back in my life, and showed me where I was hiding, and where I could play an even BIGGER game. What I appreciate most about working with her through her Luxury Intensive Coaching Program is her ability to see me and my vision without limits, and how she mirrors that vision back to me with such passion and concern for MY success. Then she shows me how it can work, and gives me specific assignments so I can achieve it . . . Well, I appreciate all that, AND the playfulness, laughter, tears, and wine that accompanies our work together.

Cyndee Paulson-Heer

The Enchanted Woman

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