10 Week Intensive

Imagine having the power to truly and finally attract your tribe, and have them pay you what you deserve doing EXACTLY what you love! Imagine not only being told how inspiring and helpful you are when you speak, they actually buy your offer as well!

Imagine being able to get those kinds of results in just 10 Weeks!

No more struggling with how to market and be visible! No more hoping they will buy! No more wondering why they don't. No more!

Can you relate?

  • All of my clients are unique. My process is customized to them!
  • I struggle with owning my price point, but I want to earn what I'm worth.
  • When people ask "what do you do "I sigh inside wondering if what I will say will excite and delight them.
  • Every time I present I hear "I can't wait to implement everything you said" but they aren't buying.
  • I struggle with how to position my offer in a compelling and powerful way that doesn't feel slimy.
  • I meet people I know need what I do but they "just aren't getting it!"
  • I TOTALLY understand marketing is important, but I have no clue where to start!
  • I'm tired of going to classes that want me to "be like them" and I desire to learn a system that lets me be me and earn more with ease.
  • I am a creative entrepreneur and I am challenged to get organized so my potential customers see and want my offer.

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  • "Participating in the Compel Speak Sell mastermind has transformed my business in ways I couldn’t imagine. Before even starting the full program, Ann was able to coach me before I gave a presentation at a conference. With her strategy, I was able to get 93% of the room to optin to my list and close sales on 25% of the room!" - Tatiana EL-Khouri
  • "What we are learning in COMPEL. Speak. Sell. is getting me so much more focused on how I can move forward on my path to more success. Ann has a way of bringing these steps into real focus, coupled with her MasterMind activities with Ann herself and our other MasterMind participants, which makes us each want to do better. I am very happy I am involved in in Ann’s MasterMind." - Candace Davenport

If you know in your heart and soul that you deserve to get paid to do what you so passionately do, and you desire to truly Be KNOWN for it, I have something special for you. I would like to personally invite you to participate in my Bad-Assery Business training program designed for creative and intuitive entrepreneurs just like me – “Compel. Speak. Sell. Five Steps to Selling your Service in Five Minutes or Less!”

As your mentor and coach I will take you by the hand and personally walk you step-by-step on how to organize what you do to attract your buyers and earn more. As your mentor and coach I will show you how to take what you so intuitively and passionately do and truly market and sell it with ease. And, this program is the ACCELERATED version, designed to make it happen in just 10 powerful weeks!

I will show you how….All while still being uniquely you.

I was once where you might be right now. Overwhelmed with all the things I'm hearing and reading that I MUST do to have success as an entrepreneur. Frustrated with the fact that I knew, with every fiber of my being, that what I offered was so important and powerful yet people didn't seem to be buying it. Constantly “on the hustle” to find new clients and new gigs. Constantly creating new services because I didn't clearly understand how to put together what I do in a way that keeps them coming back. Thinking if I build it…they will come.

And they didn’t

The funny thing is that I used to speak for CareerTrack and Fred Pryor Seminars. I was in different cities every day, speaking to audiences and selling “BOR” (back-of-room). Those companies didn't pay us contract speakers much, but they gave us the opportunity to earn by selling BOR. In my three years as a contract trainer with hundreds of speakers I was in the top 1% in sales! Eventually I was asked to develop and teach other speakers how to do exactly the same thing.

And one day it dawned on me…"do the SAME THING in your business Ann."

Guess what? It worked! Now I easily and masterfully market. I have a clear plan for selling and keeping income flowing. I no longer “chase nickels to make a dime.”

You can too!

Now I am teaching those simple steps to you for your business model, and through my accelerated 10 Week Intensive, you can get results faster than ever before!

Here is an important REALITY to grow your business: marketing is a plan to increase sales, and the FASTEST way to earn cash doing what you love? GET ON STAGE. Between all the networking groups, the key notes, the meetup groups, the association stages SEARCHING for speakers with great topics for their audiences… the opportunity to present and sell your services are endless! Speaking to sell BOR your services and your products is really where the money is at!

Every time I needed to make more money I got a speaking gig! I literally have a networking group I belong to, that as a member I can pay $30 to speak about my business for 5 minutes. USING THE FIVE STEPS I TEACH in this system, I have turned that 5 minutes into $10,000!

Why? Because it works! You can sell virtually anything if you know how to present and make an offer. And the cool thing this system can be fully leveraged beyond speaking- to all sales and marketing strategies! You can build your list to sell things later on and even more importantly, you become known for what you passionately do!

This training is designed specifically for those of you who are truly creative, intuitive and know exactly what YOU do to change the lives of other people! It will teach you how to take what you so passionately believe in and turn it into true profits!

This training is designed to help you:

  • Learn how to organize what you do so intuitively so that your potential clients actually become paying customers.
  • Increase your sales when you choose to speak from your stage, in front of a small group, or even at a networking event!
  • Begin to market with greater comfort and ease because you have a solid foundation on WHAT to share.
  • Easily create content strategy so that you never feel at a loss for words. Period.
  • Simplify how you do what you do so that your market gets it and wants it!
  • Learn how to charge what you deserve and why it’s possible to charge MORE.

Designed for people like me, highly creative entrepreneurs, coaches, and service-based professionals who prefer to just “be them” when they market and sell. Most trainings that teach you to sell want you to be” like them” to do it. Here you can take your unique abilities and apply the system and it will work!

And through the five steps you will be able to simplify your marketing and sales strategy to repeat it over and over again, and to expand it when you're ready in smart ways.

Very quickly you will walk away with:

  • Blueprints for designing stories that turn you into an inspiring sales speaker.
  • How to speak the language your buying customers need to hear to say yes!
  • Knowing the compelling power words your tribe wants to see and hear in your marketing.
  • Simple techniques to raising your price point without feeling guilty.
  • How to build your list as you present whether you decide to sell or not.
  • An organized way to present what you do on stage, online, and in person!
  • How to make an offer “from the stage" without feeling pushy – instead proud!
  • Simple steps to encourage them to become buyers before you even make an offer!
  • How to craft stories that don't just inspire but the COMPEL them to want to work with you!
  • Setting your price point with confidence to earn what you know in your heart you deserve.
  • The blueprint for designing your presentation whether 20 minutes, two hours, or two days!
  • How to build your list and actually sell from it!
  • Knowing how to organize what you do so intuitively so it sells easier.

The best thing ever! As you are finally going to stop chasing nickels to make a dime and reinventing the wheel because you need money! It will finally flow as you deserve!

I'd also love to share with you a couple things I absolutely promise won't happen in this program:

Becoming a “mini me”! These steps will work for you, your goals and your personality! I even do smaller events in my home and I'm able to sell thousands of dollars in just a few hours. You won't get caught up in believing you have to be or act or do something specific like I do it to be successful.

Nothing sneaky or tricky to try to corner people into a strategy session. If you love strategy sessions great! Get there is an authentic way to offer them and close 99%! AND there is also an authentic way to sell your service directly from the stage without cornering them on the phone first.

I promise I am not going to teach you how to hold your hands, project your voice, or overcome your nerves! Honestly I believe if you are authentically you onstage you can do this. And although I started in Toastmasters in the seventh grade, it's not my expertise! I will help you discover how you share what you do so naturally the nerves will melt away.

Let me share some insights into the 5 steps of this comprehensive and powerful training:

Step One: Build the Power of Compelling Storytelling

This is the cornerstone to attracting your tribe faster than ever before! Storytelling is the soul of marketing in person, online and on the stage!

Many creative entrepreneurs already tell stories and then others completely struggle with what to tell. No matter which you are you will learn the secrets to truly crafting a compelling story that leads to sales naturally! Heart centered marketing is about creating connection, and heart centered sales is about connection with a point! Storytelling does both.

It's time to stop thinking you need to be an "inspirational speaker" with some kind huge, tremendous, life changing story of your life. It's time to learn the secrets of every day storytelling to become a speaker who is inspiring and sells!

You will learn:

  • The two types of stories to learn to tell.
  • When and where to use stories to attract your tribe, build your list, and attract buyers.
  • The single biggest mistake when telling a story.
  • How to overcome hearing how you made them laugh, telling you how inspiring you are, but they aren't buying and how to fix it finally and forever!
  • What kinds of stories work best in which kinds of situations.
  • You will get my "storytelling timeline" to help you remember dozens of stories from your life that you can use in blogs, through your list building, and when speaking!
  • AND as a BONUS! My storytelling worksheet to become a master storyteller taking the seemingly ordinary of your life and making it extraordinary to your audience!

Step Two: Create Your Bad-Assery Branded Resource© (BBR)

Learn how to truly become KNOWN for what you do, have a presentation groups bang on the door for, and how to leverage your passion to the maximum!

Now that you're powerful storyteller let's take what you so passionately and creatively do (what your clients love when you work with them) and organize it so more people can't wait to be a part! This powerful step is a “business changer” –one that allows you to finally earn with ease!

Inside you will learn:

  • Exactly how to create your custom Bad-Assery Branded Resource© so that it leads to a presentation groups want!
  • How to take your BBR and turn it into countless marketing materials that attract the people who need what you do!
  • A simple formula you can use to truly take what you do and help others understand why they want it.
  • Why organizing what you so intuitively do will explode your creativity and profits!
  • My exact formula for creating a presentation that will get you on more stages, radio shows and guest opportunities.
  • How do identify who you really serve so that you are using language they are called to.
  • My system for how to take what you know and turn it into the profitable business you dream about!

Step Three: The Power of Promise

Now we turn what you “say you do” into what they “need to hear” to want and desire your offer!

This is where we step in to your ability to be truly compelling. I know you passionately love what you do and how you share it with those who need it makes a difference. We know people say yes when emotionally connected to the need they want to fix! Learn the power of compelling language when sharing what you do!

You will learn:

  • The mindset behind why people buy and when they buy.
  • The four deep rooted needs that drives our choices and which one matters most to your ideal client.
  • Simple, powerful transformation language that feels good when you position it to others.
  • Why speaking your "techie talk" just doesn't work and what to say instead.
  • You'll also get my "Compelling Power Words" cheat sheet! Plug these words into what you are "trying to say" and watch your results soar!

There is a way to say what you do that truly a tracks the people who need it. In this step you will confidently walk away with that knowledge. And whether used in person, online, or on the stage learn the language that will get results, and you feel GREAT saying!

Step Four: Earning from what YOU Passionately Love

Learn what might be stopping you from owning your value, and how to have people who want what you do happily pay your offer!

Let's face it! Selling is more than just knowing the price, it's being able to confidently own the price. Understanding how to choose price, feel fabulous about it, and have your potential customers ready to pay it is what you will learn!

You will also learn:

  • Four mindsets when selling and which one you may have…and where you want to be for success.
  • How to decide your price and feel good about asking for it.
  • When to offer payment plans and the best way to do so.
  • Smart strategies about bonuses and add-ons to your packages to excite, no overwhelm.
  • When the sell pain and when to sell pleasure to get the BEST results!
  • How making an offer “from the stage" is different (or not) from on the phone or online.
  • Insights so that you feel confident making your offer because you know it's exactly what your ideal client desires and what you're asking in price is what you deserve.
  • In addition, you will receive my exclusive recording "8 Insights to Becoming a Top Sales Performer" In this package I will teach you what countless top sales performers do to make sure that they achieve the numbers they want, while feeling good about doing it! This will empower you to have the abundance you want in your life be at $3000 a month, or $300,000 a month!

Step Five: Building Buzz

Buzz is all about creating desire before you ever "make your offer!" Inspire them to want to have what you do through this simple step and you'll never feel slimy about sales again!

Giving a great presentation is not enough to attract the buyers. And this step is often missed when you present your amazing talk! Get the top strategies for building their interest and desire before you ever show them a price!

  • How to create an offer that they are as excited about is you are!
  • Easy ways to simplify what you are actually selling so that they say yes!
  • My number one strategy for building your list every time you speak! Whether you make an offer or not, this is critical to your long-term business growth!
  • Why "selling" starts before you ever get on stage, and the simple steps to prepare them to be READY in advance!
  • Insights on how to can create instant rapport with the audience, so they know, like, and trust you immediately!
  • Specific language that helps build the desire in the audience to want to learn more from you!
  • You will also receive my "Build Your Bad-Assery Power Presentation Worksheet"! Get my step-by-step process to design your presentation and feel comfortable sharing your offer every time!

So how am I going to teach you all of this and more?

Through the 10-Week Intensive, I promise to take you by the hand and lead you through each step of the system. You will receive live calls with me where we get to interact and engage online!

Of course I offer the self-study kit if you prefer you could check it out here!

I find though that most people love the live interaction! Through a total of SEVEN 90-minute calls with me (five 90-minute training calls on each step plus two Q&A sessions to get your specific questions answered), you will learn, everything you need to know to simplify the struggle, get more speaking gigs, and market what you do with ease!

You will also get included in the 10-Week Intensive price:

  • Handouts for each of the steps that you can download and review
  • All the bonus toolkits and worksheets I have mentioned here!
  • Access to the membership Facebook group while you are enrolled the program!

Here's the specifics of how we will make this happen! Once you have made your investment, you will automatically be sent an email in preparation for the program. Each email will give you pre-work, assignments, handouts…. ABSOLUTELY everything you need to be prepared and ready for the course. It is time to be wildly successful and change your business forever!

Of course, you will need to do the work! I know though this system works! It will simplify your business life and allow more money to come in than ever before.

The amazing thing is this is not a pre-recorded Boot Camp! These are LIVE CALLS with me so you're going to hear the latest information, the most important stories, and the answers to your questions! And because it's live it only happens three times a year!

The Live 10-Week Intensive run 3 times a year: January-March, April-June and August-October. Calls are held on Tuesdays, 1pm Pacific Time, 4pm Eastern time

(for specific dates, please feel free to contact us.)

But wait! You might be thinking you have several weeks/months before it starts, so you can wait.

Don't wait to sign up. You can actually get started learning today!

First, as soon as you have registered for your preferred dates, I will send you an email every week in preparation for this event so even if it's a few months you will begin to learn now!

In addition, I will send you the year-long mastermind pre-work questionnaire and assessment! You will learn where you're really at and be able to focus your goals for the calls.

Lastly, you will have access to the year-long membership Facebook group early, and access to one of their training calls prior to the 10 week intensive! Often going beyond the 5 steps of this program, you can learn how to leverage your business more than ever before!

It's time to get started today! No more wasting valuable minutes twiddling at your computer, wondering what to do next. No more wondering where the next customer is going to come from. No more dilemmas over what to talk about when asked to speak at a networking group.

It's time to go bigger and be known for what you so passionately do! Don't waste any more time let's get you signed up for this amazing program!

If you have been struggling with how to get them to line up and actually give the credit card to you, now's the time to stop missing those opportunities. Now is the time to learn the system that will simplify your business life and allow you continue to earn more and more and more all why feeling fabulous about doing what you do.

I'm In!

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