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  • Ann believes in strategy.

    Ann believes in strategy. Strategy that can be replicated for success. See as a small business owner, being marketing and sales are about creating:

    1. Visibility;blog
    2. Recommendations and referrals;
    3. Stronger ORGANIC search engine presence;
    4. Building a TRIBE;
    5. Increased interviews, blog posts and PRESS that comes to you;
    6. Raving fans (not just facebook fans on your page, REAL fans) and customers.

    Results? Ann Evanston, MA is a social psychologist who has taken her networking strategies and tactics and applied them in person and online with great success.

    Over the first year using her social media marketing system she has received two book series deals (first released April 2009), 35 speaking engagements, and over $250,000 in closed business through social networking. She is ranked #2 of top influencers in the SF bay area on Twitter and has over one million Google-able hits. In addition, she has been interviewed for the American Management Associations podcast on using Twitter and countless other radio shows and teleseminars. All due to social media.

    Her success comes from understanding the social psychology of networking online, a point many people miss.

  • The Journey to Discovering
    Your Influential Voice

     Now Available at Amazon

    This book is about discovering your Influence Factor. It is a personal journey, one of discovery and exploration. Some may call it a journey in finding your voice. Others may call it a journey of self-discovery. But it is really about moving past what you do, your rituals and routines, and the roles that you play. It is about moving past passion. It is about connecting with the core of who you are and how you use that core to create influence in your work, your life and in your relationships. It is about a journey to find your Influence Factor.

    Over my years of counseling, coaching and training, I always have been fascinated by influence. When I studied and looked deeper into what makes one person more influential than another, I discovered that the Influence Factor had nothing to do with a skill set. It wasn’t just a strategy you employed by itself without a personal connection. The Influence Factor is a way of connecting your true self in the interactions you have in all aspects of your life, both personal and professional.  READ MORE....

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I wanted to tell you how The Influence Factor has help me grow as a person. As I first started reading I was like “oh lord I have to write something.” But as I continued to read I started to respect the exercises in the book. They make you dig deep within yourself and be honest with who you really are. Scary at first but very necessary. On page 42, where Ann shares how to “Own Your Self Worth” was a deep chapter for me. It posed a few questions which I wasn’t sure I was ready to answer: 1. Control do you have it in your life? At the time I could honestly say no I really didn’t. If you ask me now I can say yes in a healthy way at that. 2. Commitment: Are you committed to the things you value and believe in? I thought so but as I continued to soul search I realized I was more committed to everyone else then to myself. That has since changed. 3.Challenge: Are you willing to take risks and try new things? This question here is a work in progress. I am still working on it one day at a time. Thanks Ann, for your book. Everyone should read it! Love, Haneef Jordan, http://www.facebook.com/touchmycloset
Haneef Jordan, Touch My Closet