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You’re a Bad-Assery service
based business owner

You’re a Woman emerging as an
influencer in your life and career

My Calling:

  • Manifesting with women how to step into their personal power and be seen as influential.
  • Leading the quest in becoming conscious conduits of energy in the nine essential relationships for magnificent happiness, love and success.
  • Revealing how we can be strong, powerful, loving women everywhere and have breathtakingly beautiful lives.
  • Bringing women together to broaden how they network, collaborate, refer and thrive together, rather than apart.

Entrepreneurs called to serving others, your mission is to:

  • Expand your unlimited potential to reach those who so deeply need your powerfully healing work; while leveraging an amazing group of fellow entrepreneurs to be visible and known for what you do;
  • Captivatingly ask for the value you fancy for your service and hear your ideal client say “I am in!”
  • Confidentially, with strength and love, speak up in a compelling way about your calling in person, online, and on the stage
  • Participate with fellow Warrior-Prenuers in a fun and specialized methodology- all about YOUR learning, earning, growing-  while achieving “badges of success” and “bling” along the way!

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Women called to be recognized as strong, loving and confident, your purpose is to:

  • Boost your self-worth so you are poised and respected when communicating what you think, feel and want;
  • Recognize the value of balancing feminine and masculine traits to be admired and valued in your work and still be true to you;
  • Manifest a life and career that is full and satisfying just like your favorite dessert (or glass of wine)!

What to Look for in a Success Coach

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“I have moved so quickly and with such precision in my business!”

Turning my “don’t have, won’t do” mindset about growing my business into a rocking “can-do, absolutely have” system has driven my brand to visibility and fame! Ann’s Bad-Assery system has a very clear, organized, and easy to follow process to implement for your business to grow. In addition, she reaches in with her whole heart to up-level your success along the way.

There is absolutely no question about the return of investment from this program. It is beyond expectations! My numbers speak for themselves. My revenue had a 100% increase from 2014 to 2015! And in the first six weeks of 2016 I have already achieved 50% of the previous years revenue!

Through the Bad-Assery system I was able to take the baby steps for success, and when needed Ann pushed me to leap when she knew I was ready (even if I didn’t see it myself!). My favorite part of her Bad-Assery system is learning how to not just become a motivational speaker, but how to be an inspirational speaker who also creates immediate buyers.

My results from the stage have been phenomenal! 100% of the audience is signing up to my list, and 60% are buying my packages! I also keep getting invited back to speak again, which means the event planners are thrilled!

My recommendation? Don’t miss a live event with Ann! I never do! They are energetic, thought-provoking, and filled with heart centered breakthroughs for success. I always walk away with new insights and changed mindsets!

Linda Patten

Dare 2 Dream with Linda

“Spending one day with Ann I received more value than several days at other programs and conferences!”

I attended Ann’s Bad-Assery MasterMind one-day event. Within an hour, I knew I was with my tribe. The power, love, drive, and sensuality oozed from the conference. Ann leads with intention, purpose, and determination to tap into every person in the room.

That very day my unlimited potential was fully realized. It was worth every moment and I joined her MasterMind program that same day without hesitation, which is not normal for me.

Now my vision is fully designed and I have a clear, step-by-step plan to bring it into reality. Ann continues to tap into the things that personally hold me back, and breaks through those barriers. Ann’s Bad-Assery system is allowing my dream business to move forward while still allowing me to truly be me!

Danielle Washington

Rogue Style Maven

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