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Selling My Amazing Service (at a price I deserve and desire)
How to Logically Sell what I so Intuitively do (so creating content, and confidentially making the offer is harder)
Building a Powerful Marketing Plan (that gets me KNOWN and creates Sales)
Being a Compelling Speaker that Attracts My Tribe (in person, on the phone, and on stage)
Getting Speaking Gigs to Grow and Sell (selling even more so- that would totally ROCK!)

I had no doubt when I hired you Ann, that your services would be beneficial to me. I just didn’t know HOW beneficial they would be and how quickly it would happen! In two sessions, I have been able to clearly define my target market, and I have been struggling with that for many months now. With that clarification, I have updated my home page, and will be able to clearly speak to my ideal clients on my radio show. I now have a concise and firm curriculum for my coaching package, understand how auto-responders work and how to do mine, and I even have ideas for a marketing strategy that will provide my clients with online courses. You are amazing and I thank you tremendously!


Carolyn CJ Jones

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