It’s truly amazing that when you choose to use social media as a SOCIAL marketing tool, a networking tool if you will, what can happen! I love the go-givers that participate with Warrior-Preneur and do my best to spread the word about who they are! I also believe that your ability to reach out and help someone that is already a go-giver is just plain smart! Lastly, I believe we as entrepreneurs learn from each others’ stories! There is so much wisdom inside them!

This week’s Warrior-Preneur facebook fan truly gets the art of engagement. Still building her personal brand and blog, she has for weeks now participated in Blogger Monday just by commenting, engaged on our biz pages on Facebook AND tweets with many people. She’s figured out who to “make friends” with and is a go-giver of the most selfless kind. EVERYONE should want to know a woman like that! Meet Louise Edington, this week’s Warrior-Preneur facebook fan!

(oh and did I mention that she’s a Brit- witty with a great accent!)

Here are some amazing things about her and what she’s looking for – see if you can be a go-giver and connect!

1 – one thing that makes you – not your biz unique: I think it has to be my love of learning in all aspects of life. The older I get the more I want to learn in fact. My first ski instructor, when I had my first lesson the week before my 49th birthday, told me that I’m very teachable and I love that compliment. I like to keep my mind and body active and learning new things does that for me.
2 – who are your power partners (not clients): My family, you (Ann), all kinds of books, my fellow childcare coordinators and the other wonderful staff at my company, mainly other women entrepreneurs who inspire me to succeed.
3- links to your blog and biz website if different:
Twitter @LouiseEdington
Linked In
4- your favorite thing about running your own biz: I love that I can make it fit around my family and my other interests, being a mum has always been my most important job so my work has to fit in.
5- what you do: I am a Childcare Coordinator for Cultural Care Au Pair. I work as an independent contractor and the role is very varied. I market to find new families and have to figure out new and inventive ways of doing that – hence my loving Ann’s training, I interview new families, I hold monthly Au Pair meetings so I can get my Au Pairs together and see that they are doing okay, I conduct mediation’s and transitions when the host family/Au Pair relationship isn’t working out and I hold orientations for new host families and Au Pairs.

6- who would you most like to meet ( type of person) that would help you get to the next level: I would like to continue to meet more female entrepreneurs who have, like me, emerged like a butterfly from motherhood and who continue to learn and grow and who are successful.

I hope you will take the time to get to know Louise! You can listen to the WarriorPreneur audio interview (with completely different questions) here.


Ann M. Evanston is a “Chief Breakthrough Officer” teaching other Business Warriors how to slow down, and find the most unique part of their business that makes them stand out among the crowd. She has been named one of the top marketing consultants by, is a guest blogger for Showcasing Women and takes pride in moving you from “blah, blah, blah” to “BOOM, BOOM. BOOM!”

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