Creating a customer experience is not always easy, but there are great examples every day if you watch. I have been a HUGE fan of Guerrilla Marketing for many years, and recently had an amazing “Guerrilla” customer experience via Twitter. There is nothing more powerful than having it happen to you! You may not be in social media, but you are in customer service. Everyday we are given the opportunity to BE Influential with our customers, internal or external.

Comcast has never really been my favorite. But @ComcastBill is my superhero. I personally think they should have him training the CSR’s that answer the 800 technical issue line. And because of @ComcastBill I’m still a Comcast customer.
What can we learn from @ComcastBill about how we can use a brilliant Guerrilla Marketing techniques to increase customer experiences and be more influential?

  1. Listen more and talk less.
  2. Let the customer have their experience. Understand the power of empathy, even when you think they are RUDE!
  3. Never say “calm down”.
  4. Follow up- are they satisfied now?
  5. If something negative happens; deal with integrity and good communication.


What Guerrilla Marketing techniques can you embrace in your business?

Ann M. Evanston is a “Chief Breakthrough Officer” teaching other Business Warriors how to slow down, and find the most unique part of their business that makes them stand out among the crowd. She has been named one of the top marketing consultants by, is a guest blogger for Showcasing Women and takes pride in moving you from “blah, blah, blah” to “BOOM, BOOM. BOOM!”

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