OMG! I need to write! Have you ever felt this before? I’m sure as a service-based entrepreneur you probably have. In 2007, I started saying: “if you do one thing….BLOG!” now it’s “if you do one thing publish! Writing is powerful. I have my clients do it for so many reasons. Publishing what you write online is critical these days. Publishing:

  • Establishes is your expertise;
  • Drives (organic) traffic;
  • Improves visibility;
  • Increases exposure to new potential leads and prospects;
  • Influences the “know, like and trust factor “in a positive way

Recently, I told my accountability partner that I needed to be more visible. I have been focused on “my work” and not my marketing. Right on the call she made me set some goals to hold me accountable to! (Great accountability partner!) Of course I have been achieving those goals, and one of them was to become a guest contributor on a popular site. This week I heard that I have been excepted and now that means I need to write a minimum of one article for the website every other month! BOOM!

“OK, one 600-word article every other month. No. Big. Deal.”

And then, my mind fades to black.

I’ve. Got. Nothing!

And then “blabber brain” starts. You know blabber brain, also known as monkey mind or negative self-talk? I can hear it in the background: “I have nothing to write about! What was I thinking signing up for something like this? I must be out of my mind! I have nothing that people want to read!”

Blabber brain is so destructive. I spend a lot of time talking with my clients about how to deal with the mindsets that can shut down your success. Here’s the first thing you need to know: You cannot make that voice stop. It is ingrained in you and you have trained it for a long time to be there. The “blabber brain” the self-talk will never, ever go away.


I teach a method I developed while earning my graduate degree in psychology about how you “train your mind to change your life and business.” This is a conscious connection. If blabber brain will never go away, we have to have a conscious process to overcome what it does to us. You can OVERRIDE blabber brain with conscious autosuggestion. Temporarily, in situations like I share here, and in creating long term “success” habit.

I am going to use this story to teach you what I call “The Warriors Method™” to do this. Right now I’m just going to give you the three basic steps and over the next few weeks in this series of blogs I will show you how this overwhelming situation became a success because I am using this method to get there.

The Warriors method in three simple steps is:

  1. Speak the truth…..not be honest
  2. Practice powerful conscious autosuggestion
  3. Take new authentic action

Stop by next week as we look at the first step and why honesty and truth are different. And what I did to get the article written!

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