The journey to branding the Warrior-Preneur has become as powerful a part of who I am, as it is a part of my amazing clients and fans. My whole life as been a battle, in many ways, but it wasn’t until I realized that what is happening “out there”, outside of me…I cannot control, the only real battle is inside me.

My world changed. I was no longer a victim of circumstances; I was no longer angry. (Yes, I even went through the “mad at the world stage” and when people would ask, why are you angry?  Of course you know my response! “I’m not angry!” Some of you know that angry…the angry when you don’t know you are! Anyway, I digress.

See, when I became  the Warrior that fought the internal battles with great courage, even in times of fear, I was able to truly step into my power. To no longer feel alone. To not worry about judgement. 

The sword, my Japanese Katana become the symbol. My husband gave me a gorgeous one as a gift. There is glorious meaning behind it, so relevant to what we go through, here is my blog about it. In 2015 I had a vision of me fully undressed, with my sword tattooed on my back. I have never had a tattoo, although Earl has many! I knew in that moment I wanted it. We finished it in 2016. Another step in becoming me. 

That led to another internal battle. Learning to be loving of myself and my body, how I am aging, seeing beautiful- turning off the critic. No Photoshop of my pictures to make me a size eight!

Preneur comes from the Latin, prendes, which means to understand, grasp, or capture. As Warriors that is our journey… understanding ourselves greater; grasping on with confidence even in times of fear; capturing the love, happiness, lives and careers we choose. Fully awakening the sensuality of who we are. Connecting with all of us. That is why I work with women to achieve just that. And yes you deserve it.

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