Years ago I used to travel the country and teach a one day seminar on: “stress management for women.” Hundreds of women would fill the room, wanting to learn about how to manage stress. I remember one of the concepts in the book being about work/life balance.

That phrase always haunted me because somehow that means that work isn’t part of life, or vice versa, LOL! I would tell ladies, as I do in my work, that we have to shift our mindset and just think about it as life balance. Work is a part of your life. Your relationships are part of your life. Health, exercise, sleep… are all parts of life that we have to “balance.”

So then, the next question becomes: “is there really a way to balance it all?” I say no! Why? Because there is no such thing as life balance!

At times, somethings in our life are going to require more attention then other things. It’s about how we give the quality of time that we need in different parts of our life. It’s about how we FEEL engaged and connected while we’re doing it.

I love teaching that to women!

Have you been able to do that as things shift and demands shift in your life?

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