A great friend and colleague, Jennifer Urezzio, runs a Facebook group called “Spiritual Renegades”, and she recently asked us what that phrase meant to us. Here is my response:

I am a spiritual renegade first and foremost because my soul, my heart, my connection to deeper meaning guides me always. No one, or thing, or institute can tell me what is “right for me”. I am also a spiritual renegade because I DO NOT like being told what do to or HOW to do it! (lol   ) Even when I take a class and the leader says: “close your eyes and breathe” …..well if you are a spiritual renegade you KNOW my first thought! “Hell no! I will not close my eyes and breathe!!!!” hmmmmm…

See spiritual renegades, what I have called Warrior-Preneurs, have a spark of individuality and rebellion. It takes great courage to be one. It takes deep love and respect for others who are not. It requires strong self worth. It needs the power of patience.

Spiritual Renegades have often always been rule breakers (or benders….) even when little. They have always known they were different. And they have worked on themselves to keep that spirit alive in them. Hats off to you!

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