Success is simply ones progressive commitment to a goal or desire. While walking that path, a successful person uses money to realize their goals or desires and to live as they choose. Let me be clear: success isn’t about how much money you make. I don’t care if you make $300, $3000, or $300,000 a month. It’s about how you utilize money to realize your goals and desires and live as you choose, in a happy, easy way.

What differentiates successful people from those that struggle is their ability to understand one important skill. Successful people know how energy works and how to handle it and move it effectively.

Energy exists in several key relationships that we have to be consciously aware of and choose to shift positively. Too often people who struggle to have what they want in their lives allow energy to happen to them rather than make energy happen in those important areas.

Are you consciously connecting your energy? Do you make choices throughout your day to shift positively? Or do you find that people or situations can energetically drain or even impact you negatively?

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