Recently I had the opportunity to teach my Influential Voice course to a group of higher level corporate leaders. It was a great cross-section of different types of industries and backgrounds. I love when people with years of experience still want to learn!

In this program one of the things we cover is the power of using stories to inspire groups of people. I have a simple storytelling method I teach, and they get several times to practice and get feedback in front of everyone.

One participant is a securities software professional. His work is very technical! And here I am asking him to tell stories that increase vulnerability and connect people emotionally. That’s how we create buy-in and yes in others. He wholeheartedly embraced the challenge!

As we started practicing our stories, he revealed that his degree was actually in marine biology. And throughout the class he told these amazing stories and adventures in college and just out …. all related to marine life. He fully engaged the listeners sensory experience!

Better yet? He was 100% able to take those personal stories and relate them back to a point he would want to make to a team at work.

Ultimately, that’s a key to a great story. You allow us to learn about you, which means we know like and trust you more, and you create a teachable moment or powerful point so we know why it matters.

Often people tell me they have no stories to share. Every day something happens where you can create a relatable story. Just look at how this man was able to take marine biology and related to a security software team!

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