I have a girlfriend who is turning the big 4-0 today. Over the weekend we got together for a little celebration. At one point she had huge tears in her eyes. I asked about what’s going on, she’s frustrated. Surprise surprise that at 40 she’s questioning who she is.

It’s an interesting journey to really step into who you are and fully own it. I find it fascinating to watch women step right up to the doorway and then feel tremendous fear and back away.

It also breaks my heart.

It breaks my heart that women fear truly becoming themselves. That deciding to be authentic scares them, because she knows it means that others would disagree. She know many relationships would change. Some feel it is too scary …that it’s easier to please anyone but themselves.

My heart is overwhelmed with joy each time I see a woman step through that door.

She accepts who she is. She actually loves who she is. She’s OK with everyone not liking her. She satisfied with choices that she makes. And she knows she deserves the best for her, and by doing so, those around her tremendously benefit.

Every woman hits this at a different time and space in their life. It’s part of why I love my Woman’s Self-Love Evolution Retreat. It’s a space where women who have gone through the door, women who are standing at the door, and women who are unsure about the door all come together and grow.

This weekend while with my girlfriend, we chatted about what that door means for her at this significant birthday. I gave her an opportunity to try something, a technique I have used with clients for years. I cannot wait to hear if she was willing to try and it helped her step through the door.

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