I love teaching people about authentic influential leadership. Teaching them that being authentic is about being YOU all the time. We trust and like people who are real. There are those that try and “act” a certain way…one they think is right. Somehow we always see through those people. Even if we cannot put our finger on it, there is just something about them that we don’t trust.

One night, after facilitating, I head to the bar. (Of course if you know me!) There were women next to me have a martini and Manhattan. I ordered a Manhattan too (it looked good) and started writing a few blogs.

About 20 minutes in I heard their conversation and started eavesdropping. And then I had to tell them I was! I said: “I was totally eavesdropping and I loved what you said. I teach teach authentic leadership and what you just said is SO what I teach! Thank you, you made my day.”

Here is what she shared with her colleague:

“I trust her and like working with her leadership style. I think it’s because she’s real. She is exactly the same no matter where I see her, or what I work on with her. But I don’t trust him. It’s like sometimes he is this (holds her hand up palm facing forward) and then other times he is this. (Turns her held up hand 180 degrees so the back is facing forward.)

People see through the latter leader, they feel it. They are unsure of you leading them. So be true to you, lead with heart and conviction!

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