Last wovercomeeek I shared how to overcome writers block especially when you make a commitment to write for somebody else’s site. In addition, I shared with you how I use a three step method (The Warriors Method™) for getting out of my own way so that I can achieve success. This week I want to focus on step one of The Warriors Method™ and give a little more detail about the importance of this step and how it works to overcome writers block and achieve overall greater success in life and business.

Step one of The Warriors Method™ is to speak the truth, rather than be honest.

I know what you’re thinking! “Ann, isn’t honesty the truth? It seems like those two things are the same damn thing!” Actually, they are distinctly different when it comes to wanting to change behaviors and have greater success.

Honesty is a different dialogue than the truth. We use honesty ALL the time, with family, friends, co-works, clients…and especially OURSELVES! Honesty is where we put a “little lies” around the truth of the situation. In my book, “The Influence Factor” I discuss the key element of knowing the truth versus the lies we tell ourselves.

How does this impact writers block? When it comes to a situation like how to overcome writers block, honestly goes something like this: “yeah, I did I agree to publish and I’m planning to do that I’m just not finding the right thing to write about. I’m sure it will come to me eventually and then I’ll publish my article.”


“I write so much better under pressure. The deadline isn’t for two weeks; I don’t really have writers block…I will get it done closer to the deadline.”

Of course this can be said to a family member or colleague, or ever better? You say it to YOUSELF. These fell like truths, but they are not.  Honesty is embellished with excuses, blame, or judgments. Whereas the truth is simply the statement of fact. “I did not write the article.” “I am not writing every day.”

That’s the truth.

Honesty keeps our “blabber brain” happy and satisfied. Honesty does not help us achieve what we want to achieve. When our brain thinks we are “ok”, it will stay stuck. We will repeat patterns of failure…over and over.

Right now, tell yourself the truth. Write it down. Say it out loud. Listen to how quickly you want to shift to honesty. This is what I had to do first- get TRUTHFUL about writing articles. (and look two for my site already, and the FIRST ONE for Small Business Marketing Tools is almost dome and due the first week of the month!

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