My husband and I have a huge garden. We have converted our entire yard to grow food. Harvest, typically twice a year, because we grow year round, is an extremely abundant time!

The abundance is everywhere! More tomatoes, more cucumbers, more basil…more. But you don’t care about those details….what’s your point, Ann! Sometimes when abundance feels like it’s too much we can get overwhelmed and shut down that flow energetically.

With so much to do in the garden, it’s easy to just turn into a “doer” and get to getting it done!

When abundance is flowing like the dam that’s been let loose, you must energetically connect with it. You cannot just do. That’s how you spread greater abundance in all areas of your life. So think about those time when abundance is overwhelming:

👉🏼When your spouse is just full of tons of good loving, even when you’re exhausted!

👉🏼When the meal arrives at dinner and the plate has so much food.

👉🏼When the clients are banging down your door to work with you.

👉🏼When your friends want to spend live time with you with your crazy busy schedule.

These are the times to open the floodgates of abundance, absorb all of it! Because then there will be more in your life, and will be easier to handle as it comes.

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