Making Positive Energy Choices

Making Positive Energy Choices

In everything we choose our energy. Too often we are unconscious of the energetic choices we make. It is quite possible to be conscious and choose to shift and transfer different energy in a situation!

Yes you can shift to negative, that’s not my goal with you though! Negative energy is around us all the time, it’s how we can shift to the positive instead of feeding the negative energy with even more.

Like when your significant other is being poopy. Unconsciously we may feel frustrated, even snipe back, or shut down. Transferring more negative energy. Turning an evening into an unfun, disconnected, negative night.

Or you can consciously choose to let it go, shift to positive, and change the energy. If you’ve done it you know it works. Poopy goes away.

This is also true in any situation. When you focus on the negative you grow more negative. I recall in a program I was speaking. The room had tons of background noise, almost like construction. I chose not to focus on it. Putting my positive energy into the room and participants. 

Another speaker mentioned it to me privately. Even said she’d go complain for me and see if there was another room. I simply said: “thank you, I’m just choosing not to focus my energy there, and creating a space where people don’t notice.” Later she interrupted the group and asked them! And guess that their response was: “I really didn’t notice it until you pointed it out.”

When you choose you can change any situation. Yes, you have that power within you. 

Fear of Success or Fear of Failure?

Fear of Success or Fear of Failure?

I often find that more of us are afraid of success over failure. Come on, face it! We fail every day! You say you will exercise today…you don’t. Or finish that project….you don’t. The list goes on and on! We fail and then we get up the next day, put those big girl boots on and try again. We fail at big things and little things… All. The. Time. We aren’t afraid. It’s part of life.

Fear of success is more common.

With success comes things that scare us. 

👉🏼Like being SEEN. 

👉🏼Like people who DISAGREE. 

👉🏼Like not being LIKED.

👉🏼Like those NAYSAYERS


If you stay safe, where you are:

SEEN but not really;

In DISAGREEMENT but still consensus;



With LIKE minded people all the time….

You will struggle to have the success you desire in your  life, love, career. Success means understanding those risks. If you have succeeded you know it’s worth it. 

The Mindset of Strong

The Mindset of Strong

There’s a time in every person’s life when they need to indulge in being strong. Strong is an interesting word because we start with the personal association to it. I have been indulging in strong when it comes to my physical power.

Personally, I have realized I am mentally and emotionally stronger when I am physically strong. Physically strong creates moments when I realize that my body can do things that I didn’t believe I could. Suddenly my mind is ready to get on board. My heart is filled with excitement for what’s happening next. My desire is stronger.

Due to an extreme back injury I stopped challenging myself physically. (I am going to write about a mindset that turned into a truth in my life later that is related.) I realized that it was time to change that.

Honestly, I just made up my mind.

I got back into the gym. I got back into the gym after having a physical therapist tell me I have extreme muscle deterioration. I have a way of managing my pain that is working for me tremendously. So now I am back in the gym four days a week about 35 to 45 minutes, doing high-intensity, low impact workouts.

Today one of my eight minute high-intensity rounds was push presses. I was able to do 100 push presses with 12 pound weights and not die! LOL.

Let me be clear, I’m not doing this because I want to drop a dress size. I am doing this to be strong. To know what I have in me, and to challenge what I think and know that I can do more. “To be a 10, raise the bar, and be a 10 again.” Oh of course if I fit better in my jeans I’ll be happy to. But that’s a reward.

I find I am more focused, happier, and energized…outcomes of the mindset of strong.


The Power of Rejection

The Power of Rejection

Rejection. It can consume us. Eat us alive. Rejection is the worst nightmare to live in. It creates a fear …the fear of being YOU. 

So what happens if someone disagrees with you?

So what happens if someone disapproves of a life choice you make?

So what happens if someone doesn’t like you?

So what happens if someone leaves you?

Think about…someone. Because you are the only someone that matters. You have to sleep with you every night. Don’t reject yourself. That is the ultimate rejection. That starts the cycle of low self-worth. 

Take Back Awesome

Take Back Awesome

When I was a teen in the 80’s I remember going to the fair and getting a “graffiti” picture done that said “Awesome Ann” – it was above my bed for years! Then, in the 90’s, the word awesome become “uncool”.

I can even recall leading a seminar and saying things like “awesome question,” or “awesome answer.”

Someone wrote on the evaluation that I used that “stupid” word too much.

Well that’s just fucking awesome. ( yeah, I use that word too much too!)

Awesome is something we should all feel, in life, relationships, work, bed….

Take back awesome!
The Mindset of Good Enough versus Perfect

The Mindset of Good Enough versus Perfect

Good enough is an important mindset. Good enough isn’t a mindset about mediocrity.
Good enough is a mindset that allows you to leap and take the next flight on your journey to success.
When you think it needs to be excellent, or even worse, perfect you will stop yourself from putting out there what you need to. So look at something you’re trying to achieve. Is it good enough? Can you put it out there and keep flying to the next level of success?
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