How to Overcome Writers Block just by taking NEW Authentic Action

How to Overcome Writers Block just by taking NEW Authentic Action

Is it possible to overcome writers block in just these simple steps! I have been discussing The Warriors Method™ and how to use it to overcome writers block. In this last article let’s talk about the third step: take new authentic action.

You might be thinking: “Action, really Ann? I take action all the time!”

See, there is a distinct difference between action and being “busy”. And this is key to being able to achieve things that you desire. Action is a discipline that is directed energetically towards achieving what needs to be done. Be carovercomeeful of busy!

Action actually requires courage because you have to be able to put your ego, comfort zone, and routine in danger! True courage is the ability to do something despite what your “blabber brain” says. True courage is the ability to get into the habit of taking action even when you don’t want to. True courage is the ability to do it even when you feel fear.


It allows you to emerge with greater confidence. Too many think you need motivation first. No, it’s the other way around.

So in The Warriors Method™ the step taking “new authentic action” requires that you act with persistence and deliberation. There are three ways I encourage my clients to start:

1. Implement an “action plan” that creates some discomfort.

See pain is good, if not permanent! We get better, stronger, and more confident in our abilities the more uncomfortable we get. This is powerful when you are so stuck in simply cannot get out of it. Do you have a morning routine that is not serving your ability to write more? Than stop having that coffee until you write for 20-30 minutes! Now that’s uncomfortable!

2. Act before doing something you love.

This one powerfully and simply changed one clients blogging forever. She would continuously say: “I have nothing to write about.” Her blabber brain was not allowing her to overcome writers block. She’s a creative who LOVES to paint. So what did she do? Wrote every day BEFORE she could paint. Painting became the reward. Now she writes amazing blog posts for her tribe!

3. Take action before doing any more research!

Many, many entrepreneurs I meet are research junkies. Rightfully so. In many ways you have to love to learn new things to be successful as an entrepreneur.

Too often we think we need to read one more article, or take one more webinar before we initiate the action.

This routine will help you change that. Tell yourself “I cannot read any more about overcoming writers block until I have written something today.”

“The Warriors Method™ is a simple powerful tool to help you achieve greater success in many areas of your life, including when you need to overcome writers block. Interestingly, I used this method to not just write this series of 4 blogs, but my contributor article as well! NICE! (Time for a glass of wine…something I love!

How to Overcome Writers Block: a Simple Unique 3 Step Method

How to Overcome Writers Block: a Simple Unique 3 Step Method

overcoming writers blockI have been writing about how to overcome writers block using the Warriors Method™. The Warriors Method™ is a new way to look at achieving greater levels of success. While sharing how to overcome writers block and these steps, I’ve missed a couple weeks posting my blog. (Truth) Notice I practiced step one there! This article though is about step two of the Warriors Method™ and how it applies to overcome writers block.

The second step in the method is to practice conscious auto suggestion. Here is our reality: we all have a “blabber brain”, what some call monkey mind. Research shows that it’s trained to think in the negative from early on in our lives. And, by the time we’re well over our 30s (congratulations to you reading that are under 30, you can still change this!), it’s difficult to change subconscious mind thoughts. That means we have to override it consciously. The subconscious mind is ALWAYS talking….even if you are not listening. And it is powerful enough to set energy, and ability to achieve, or better yet, not achieve, that which you desire.

Your conscious mind is the ONLY way to shift that. Step two: conscious auto suggestion.

When I work with clients I teach them that they must become “conscious conduits of energy”. The Warriors Method™ can be used in all areas of your life, overcoming writers block is just an example that happened to me. You may recall from the first post I am now a contributing writer to Small Business Marketing Tools. And as soon as I was accepted, blabber brain kicked in!

Practicing conscious auto suggestion is a way of overriding the habit of your subconscious mind. It is a methodology that successful people use to consciously move energy in a positive direction. So instead of listening to my blabber brain say: “OMG, I have nothing to write about what the hell was I thinking?!”, I made a conscious shift.

I said to myself: “I am full of valuable ideas and content to offer many people. I have a unique style, and my approach will attract readers. I am full of ease and fun ideas on marketing. I am writing with grace and ease.”

I want you to notice the type of language I’m using there. The language isn’t about what I will do it’s about who I will be. That is a distinct difference in owning and changing so that you can overcome challenges you have. It’s the difference between will and have (or want). I will save that for another time.

Why Fear of Success Might Hold You Back: A Checklist

Why Fear of Success Might Hold You Back: A Checklist

Last week, I shared a simple awareness that most people have a fear of success. I even recalled the journey about myself, which I had to change to have the success I really wanted. See, we get what we DESERVE, NOT what we want.

And what we deserve is really how we believe, deep inside our hearts. As a small business owner, I see many of my clients do these things to self-sabotage success. Do you recognize yourself in any of them? As you read this checklist, take a moment to really LISTEN with your heart, and answer with a yes, if you do these things.

1.      You know you need to do some blogging…but you just don’t feel like writing today.

2.      You decide it’s time to charge more for what you do, but when asked “how much” you seem to say less than you agreed with yourself to charge.

3.      You try to be everything to everybody, because you don’t want to exclude anyone.

4.      You constantly ask other people what they think…of your logo, your product, your copy, your price, your title…and are overwhelmed by their opinions.

5.      You share what you think online, and someone disagrees, and you silently overthink what you said and why it might be the wrong thing.

6.      You are inconsistent: in showing up, in follow through, in marketing, in networking, with leads and customers.

7.      You have a MILLION great ideas, but struggle with implementing and monetizing them.

8.      You take an AMAZING class and are motived to do different…yet one week later you are back to your “old self”.

9.      You have trouble owning your expertise, so you are continuously taking classes to learn more.

10.  You finally decide and put out to the world “this is what the hell I sell” and everything you see online is EXACTLY that…you step into self-doubt.

11.  You have some success, people start buying and you find yourself worrying, wondering, even having unsettled energy, although you’re not sure why.

12.  You are EXCELLENT at implementing what your coach tells you, but you are so busy doing, you can’t BE for those that need you, even personally.

13.  You have deep exciting highs and then weird lows in your business.

14.  You know you need to implement systems within technology that will make your business run, yet every time you try…it’s just too overwhelming.

15.  You are challenged by stepping fully into your heart, to write, speak, and most importantly decide.

Yes, I guess I could go on and on. This, though, is why “Vision of Self” is the first of the 5 Elements of a Bad-Assery Business™.  I look at my clients and many have at least three of those above, most many more. I love that we change this so HOW happens, and money flows! And if you have at least three, there is a tiny part of you, deep, deep inside, that somewhere silently questions:

“Do you deserve that? No, do you? Really? What makes you think you do?”

You have to start by answering that  tiny, tiny voice. That whisper. Heck, you need to have a conversation with it! Out loud!

A Straightforward Awareness that Will Change Your Business Success

A Straightforward Awareness that Will Change Your Business Success

Fear of Success. Yep. That’s it. Many if not ALL people I work with…and many that are afraid to work with me because I fix this factor….they are afraid of SUCCESS! Let me explain and create some awareness.

One of the 5 Essential Elements of a Bad-Assery Business™, that I focus energy on with my clients, is Vision of Self. It’s been so powerful to watch my psychology background play a critical part in what I do with small business owners and entrepreneurs!

See, your ability to grow your business has LITTLE to do with HOW. You can learn HOW everywhere. Heck, just Google How to….set up  XYZ…wa-lah! You can take a million classes about HOW. It’s NOT the problem. Eighteen years coaching and speaking about self-worth and success, it’s about you and your beliefs. (Or as I say in my book: The Influence Factor, it’s about these stories you have created that have become TRUTHS for you)

Fear of success comes from a deep sense of self-worth that one doesn’t deserve it. Doesn’t deserve the accolades, the money, the visibility, the praise, the recognition as an expert…
Oh I know, when in your HEAD you might be thinking: “But Ann, I do deserve it…what are you talking about?”

What does your heart say? Really listen to your heart, deep inside your soul. Get out of your head to grow.

When you don’t think you deserve it, you do little things to self-sabotage the success. I know, I once was so “in my head” I thought I did deserve success, but when I listened to my heart, and really looked through my heart at my actions, I realized I REALLY did not believe I deserved it.

It was back in high-school for me, I am lucky to have done the work to change it in my early 20’s. In high-school, many people would describe me as a top performer, a super achiever, a winner. But I can now see the truth. I had this tiny voice that believed I didn’t deserve success. So I self-sabotaged.:

  • I’d forget the dance routine in swing choir.
  • I’d only get a B on a test I could have aced.
  • I’d start a fight with a friend that could have brought me into influential networks.

I could go on…but see what I was doing?

I truly did not believe I deserved success. Do you believe you deserve it? Next week I will share with you a powerful checklist for you to review if you may have the fear of success.

Now I include “Vision of Self” as part of the 5 Elements of a Bad- Assery Business™. In college I actually developed my own self-esteem program, and for internship implemented it with college students and a group of 30 women in a tech company in Seattle. I love sharing that work now, and watching my clients SOAR!

5 Mindsets to Generate Strong Desire

5 Mindsets to Generate Strong Desire

Desire is so incredibly important to have success. I find that many entrepreneurs think they have it. But do you? Really? In a previous blog on Obtaining Strong Desire I shared important insight into what desire really is. I also promised I would share with you the five things, mindsets, which I believe it takes to truly have it. As you read these rate yourself: how strong is your mindset?

  1. You must know your purpose. Your WHY. WHY is more than “pay my bills” or “feed my family.” WHY is about your calling, what put you on this earth. Most entrepreneurs I work with have this part. They know their true calling, their purpose for being here. YAY! We got this part. What else does it take to have strong desire?
  1. There can only be Plan A. Your purpose, your organized knowledge must be your primary focus EVERY Now, I get it, some of you are completely afraid to quit Plan B and just go for it. If that’s true though, Plan A is where your energy and effort is every day. Your desire to make it successful overrides “tired”, “not enough time”, and other responsibilities. Having strong desire means you will (not must) spend a minimum of 30 minutes a day, every day on Plan A.
  1. You have to believe with everything in you that you deserve success. Yes, I have talked about the fear of success before. If somewhere in you, you don’t think you deserve it, your desire isn’t strong enough. And I am planning MORE on this….coming soon, so stay tuned!
  1. You know that there are parts of creating business success that you have to shift your thinking about (negative autosuggestion) because they are necessary for your business to thrive. For example, marketing, budgeting, speaking, sales…not necessarily your purpose huh? But necessary if you want that purpose to make money! I recently heard a woman call that stuff “mundane” (negative autosuggestion.) I have heard others say they hate it, or it’s a necessary evil. Those negative autosuggestions will DRAIN DESIRE. Shift your language around them.

For example, I have such strong desire to achieve success that I see all of those things as a blessing, an opportunity, and the catalyst to being what I am meant to be in the world. It is so much easier to do those things when you shift your thinking.

  1. Fifth, and probably most important. My epiphany from Women, Wine and Wisdom that I mentioned in my previous blog. You have to be willing to NEVER SETTLE. Strong desire requires this. When you settle, the energy of “it’s good enough” destroys desire.

Now this is important: never settle isn’t about self-worth. It isn’t beating up on yourself. Never settle isn’t about perfectionism. Perfectionists fail to LEAP. People with a never settle mind set leap all the time. They do one simple concept I am known for:

Be at 10 then raise the bar and be a 10 again.

The concept of never settle means you are continuously looking at what you so passionately do and wanting it to be better. You are always asking yourself, what went well with….my marketing, presentation, blog post, webinar? What can be better next time?

These are the 5 things it takes to have strong desire. And you know what? It will be true for all areas of your life. This mindset applies to relationship success too. If you want a powerful, loving, amazing relationship you can never think “it’s good enough”. The desire to make it better (never good enough) will keep you from settling, will make sure you contribute, will encourage you to get what you need.

Build desire to grow rich. That’s what Napoleon Hill says. These 5 things are truly what separates me from others who struggle. Where did you rate yourself?

Self-Worth and Feeling Fear: Does it Happen?

Self-Worth and Feeling Fear: Does it Happen?

fearHaving self-worth doesn’t mean you are never afraid. Most people have moments of confidence and moments of fear. What separates someone with strong self-worth from someone who does not have it is how they handle those moments of fear.

When you have strong self-worth confidence wins more often than fear. When you struggle with your self-worth fear can become consuming mentally and emotionally. Fear can paralyze you from leaping. Fear can turn into scared and then there’s no movement whatsoever. Fear can stop you from asking for what you deserve.

Having a strong vision of self will help to develop your worth so that when fear comes on you are able to choose confidence instead of the fear. You have a belief in yourself and your abilities to achieve what you need to do. You will no longer be afraid of the negative people that will surface, or those that will challenge your expertise.

It’s so much more than the “job”

This is why vision of self is one of the most important frames of a healthy Bad-Assery business. Some people think that running a business is all about “doing the job.” But it’s so much more than that. YOU make your business. So working on self matters.

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