Consciously Shifting your Energy for Greater Success

Consciously Shifting your Energy for Greater Success

Over the last two weeks I’ve talked about the energy of success and why it’s important to understand that you consciously control it. A simple tip to be more effective and handling energy is word choice. As you know I frequently say: “you must train your mind to change your life and business!”

For example September is harvest season (one of two major harvest season’s) at our home. My husband and I have a humongous garden! The last three weeks has been hundreds and hundreds of pounds of food that has to be stored, frozen, canned and eaten! It is a ton of work. Here’s where a mental shift in energy makes it fun and easy for me to do.

Shift “I have got to” to “I want to”.

Listen to the difference:

👉🏼I have got to count those tomatoes today. I want to count those tomatoes today.

👉🏼I have got to get my blog written for my business. I want to write my blog for my business.

👉🏼I have got to go to the gym. I want to go to the gym.

The key is to consciously start re-training your mind to think in this positive energy versus the negative energy. This retrains the mind/body connection and over time it will happen naturally as you do this. 

Energy and Success

Energy and Success

Energy has to be handled effectively in order to achieve greater levels of success. Too often we try to plan and force energy to work the way we need it to based on our “to do list” versus channel or pay attention to energy. ( Be sure to read last weeks post.)

Energy can come from two places. The first being your own energy . And secondly what I call the nine energetic relationships. 

When you think about your own energy it’s important to see if your to do list is aligning with what you say “needs to be done.” Greater success will start if you can align your energy with the work that you need to do.

For example, my intense get it done energy is much stronger in the morning then it is in the afternoon. Knowing that about myself means that I can focus on getting key important things done right away…like working out!

Where many women struggle that I work with is understanding that they control their energy daily, as well as monthly and quarterly, which means throughout the year. (And no, I am not talking about your menstrual cycle!) . It’s time to pay attention to your energy and use it effectively and order to achieve what you need to do.

And when a schedule, like my speaking at a conference all day, requires a certain energy level that’s when I can draw upon the nine energetic relationships.

Ultimately, like I said last week, successful people understand how energy works and can handle it effectively in order to achieve what they desire. Are you managing energy, or allowing it to manage you?

When Abundance is TOO Much

When Abundance is TOO Much

My husband and I have a huge garden. We have converted our entire yard to grow food. Harvest, typically twice a year, because we grow year round, is an extremely abundant time!

The abundance is everywhere! More tomatoes, more cucumbers, more basil…more. But you don’t care about those details….what’s your point, Ann! Sometimes when abundance feels like it’s too much we can get overwhelmed and shut down that flow energetically.

With so much to do in the garden, it’s easy to just turn into a “doer” and get to getting it done!

When abundance is flowing like the dam that’s been let loose, you must energetically connect with it. You cannot just do. That’s how you spread greater abundance in all areas of your life. So think about those time when abundance is overwhelming:

👉🏼When your spouse is just full of tons of good loving, even when you’re exhausted!

👉🏼When the meal arrives at dinner and the plate has so much food.

👉🏼When the clients are banging down your door to work with you.

👉🏼When your friends want to spend live time with you with your crazy busy schedule.

These are the times to open the floodgates of abundance, absorb all of it! Because then there will be more in your life, and will be easier to handle as it comes.

Finding Balance in a Busy Life

Finding Balance in a Busy Life

Balance is an interesting word. Often tied to the phrase “work life balance.” I don’t like that phrase! WORK is a part of LIFE! That simple shift alone will help you find greater balance in your  life.

Then, it is valuable to grab a piece of paper a draw ( yes draw, not write about) what your balanced life looks like.

Oh, then you see how much matters, how busy you are!

Here is the thing: balance isn’t about “equal time”. Finding balance in your busy life is about giving all of you when engaged in the things on your picture. It’s about realizing that where you spend your time, more or less, changes with circumstances. If you feel involved, and connected you will feel in balance.

New Thinking on Marketing for Small Business Owners

New Thinking on Marketing for Small Business Owners

The Internet, and especially social media, has greatly changed how we can market and network in our businesses. In 2007, I made a significant change in my target market and I needed to find them. Using the Internet and social platforms allowed me to connect with people I would not otherwise meet. 

I also developed techniques that allowed me to connect with people in this “strange place” that we were all figuring out! Back then I had tremendous success with being social first. Fast forward 10 years and social media platforms and what is happening on them has changed dramatically. Most of them were private back then and now they’re not. The goal of making money is not only for the company, but for many companies the people using the platforms.  

For a period of time I was still running with the old mindset of “build relationship, be social, get to know people, don’t over share what you sell.”  And guess what? It was getting me nowhere in terms of growing my business. See, I had to change my mindset about marketing on these platforms. I had to look at what successful small business owners where doing.

I had to stretch my comfort zone and be willing to try something that would make me uncomfortable, something, because of my closed mind, I was judging negatively. I’m a big believer if something makes me uncomfortable I need to expand my mindset in order to grow.

So what was the technique? Simply private messaging people in connection with the project I’m working on, or share what I have, to see if they’re interested. Now, I still do my homework and use personalized language to connect with things that they’re involved with, or doing, or sharing on the platform. I do not just send a generic message to every single person I’m connected to that means nothing to them.

My goal 10 contacts a day. As a result of that I’ve had an increase in sales that’s been dramatic in 30 days! In addition, I reached out to a couple heavy hitters and through a conversation after the private message they are giving me opportunities that will be mind blowing for my business! Beyond what I asked for!

Do you need a new mindset about what you’re doing in creating connection and potentially growing your business at the same time? 

Eggplant Parmigiana and Changing our Thinking

Eggplant Parmigiana and Changing our Thinking

Eggplant parmigiana in my Italian family is a huge tradition. It is a recipe that has been passed down verbally for decades. The only way you know how to make it is if you get in the kitchen and learn from the women who have come before you! It has always been a heavy, saucy, cheesy winter meal.

Growing our garden, Earl decided we needed to grow eggplant. See he loves my family’s eggplant parmigiana so he wants me to make it! We started growing eggplant and guess what we learned. It isn’t in season in the winter, LOL. It is in season in the fall! Months before we “always make it.”

This time of year it’s warm here, and although I love my family’s eggplant, it’s so heavy! That’s when I realized if I value eating seasonally and very fresh, and I love my traditions of my family, I need to change my mindset about having parmigiana when it’s hot!

So I made a lighter version that was Just as delightful and yummy! And guess what I actually think my grandmother would be quite proud of it and enjoy eating it with me!

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