overcoming writers blockI have been writing about how to overcome writers block using the Warriors Method™. The Warriors Method™ is a new way to look at achieving greater levels of success. While sharing how to overcome writers block and these steps, I’ve missed a couple weeks posting my blog. (Truth) Notice I practiced step one there! This article though is about step two of the Warriors Method™ and how it applies to overcome writers block.

The second step in the method is to practice conscious auto suggestion. Here is our reality: we all have a “blabber brain”, what some call monkey mind. Research shows that it’s trained to think in the negative from early on in our lives. And, by the time we’re well over our 30s (congratulations to you reading that are under 30, you can still change this!), it’s difficult to change subconscious mind thoughts. That means we have to override it consciously. The subconscious mind is ALWAYS talking….even if you are not listening. And it is powerful enough to set energy, and ability to achieve, or better yet, not achieve, that which you desire.

Your conscious mind is the ONLY way to shift that. Step two: conscious auto suggestion.

When I work with clients I teach them that they must become “conscious conduits of energy”. The Warriors Method™ can be used in all areas of your life, overcoming writers block is just an example that happened to me. You may recall from the first post I am now a contributing writer to Small Business Marketing Tools. And as soon as I was accepted, blabber brain kicked in!

Practicing conscious auto suggestion is a way of overriding the habit of your subconscious mind. It is a methodology that successful people use to consciously move energy in a positive direction. So instead of listening to my blabber brain say: “OMG, I have nothing to write about what the hell was I thinking?!”, I made a conscious shift.

I said to myself: “I am full of valuable ideas and content to offer many people. I have a unique style, and my approach will attract readers. I am full of ease and fun ideas on marketing. I am writing with grace and ease.”

I want you to notice the type of language I’m using there. The language isn’t about what I will do it’s about who I will be. That is a distinct difference in owning and changing so that you can overcome challenges you have. It’s the difference between will and have (or want). I will save that for another time.

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